Understand The Stages Of Fashion Curve (A2Z of Image Management)

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What an amazing journey from A 2 Z . Writing for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge has been amazing. In the process I have realized ,I have so much to share which I will continue as I believe sharing is caring. Kumari aka Lyrikal has rightly said “Knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving”.

Today is my 26th post , the last letter in an Alphabet ,but this post talks about Zenith in Fashion Curve…Truly wonderful. The zenith is the “highest” point on the celestial sphere and we are going to talk about highest point in fashion curve. At some time, most clothing styles pass through a fashion curve, cycle, or wave. You can observe the predictable stages a clothing style goes through during its time as a fashion trend. These stages illustrate the relative position of classics and fads, from start to finish. The average length of a fashion cycle is getting shorter due to mass media and fast fashion, lasting only three to seven years.

Before moving to fashion curve lets first understand what is classic and Fads clothing.

Classic Clothing :

Classics are never on the cutting edge of fashion, never extreme, never glitzy, tight, or revealing. Their styling changes very slowly and only slightly. Classics may be updated slightly in terms of current trends—say, toward slightly wider or narrower lapels or pant legs. Updated classics can become more fashionable at one time or another. Classics, then, are needed most by people who want their clothes to last as long as possible, and by people in leadership positions or politics. In these latter situations, classic clothes allow the wearer to relate more readily with a larger segment of an audience or voting population—
people relate quickly and have more confidence in the long-term ability of the wearer. Present in any wardrobe as staple, core pieces, classics provide long-term, lasting value. Classic colors, fabrics, and patterns will be discussed.

Fads Clothing

Fads are short-lived, impractical, novelty, or high-fashion items, outdated within a few months because of more extreme lines and shapes. Fads feature design lines and shapes that are relatively extreme in some direction or size—very wide or very narrow, very long or very short, very fitted or very tight, and so forth, including extreme colors, textures, and
patterns. The more extreme the design, the more quickly it will come and go in terms of acceptability, popularity, or fashionability.

The fashion cycle is a natural cycle by which a fashion trend is introduced, rises to mainstream popularity, declines, and finally gets rejected.

Introduction Stage (Start): The introduction stage is when the high fashion designer introduces new style in the fashion world. Often these styles are extremes, original and exclusive. The style is usually only available in small quantities from a handful of different designers or retailers, often at a high price and gets complete trade coverage.

Rise Stage : The rise stage (also known as the “fashion acceptance” stage) is when the new fashion style begins gaining momentum and traction in the fashion industry, officially receiving the coveted “trend” label. During the rise stage, more fashion leaders and trendsetters wear outfits that incorporate the idea, from social media influencers to celebrities, increasing consumer demand. In response to this acceptance by fashion influencers, more retail stores will begin carrying the trend. Manufacturers modify the style, they are still expensive with high quality. People who are fashion conscious adopt this style and gets consumer magazine coverage.

Peak Stage (Zenith Of Fashion Curve) : In the peak stage, the trend has reached full saturation in the general public , and many everyday consumers begin wearing the trend. Most retailers will have identified and replicated the trend, and it will be available through mass production at a wide variety of price levels, especially at lower prices. At this stage local newspapers starts covering them and most fashion leader drops the style. This is the time when style gains the maximum popularity.

Decline Stage: In the decline stage, the trend will have become oversaturated in the market. During this period of time, the trend’s intense popularity will begin to turn off consumers who want their outfits to feel fashion-forward and unique rather than mainstream. Classic reached plateau where in style remained appealing, available, appropriate, affordable and in demand.

Rejection Stage : Once the trend has reached the end of the fashion cycle, it is considered outdated and out-of-fashion by mainstream fashion wearers, who have moved on to newer trends in the introduction or increase stages. Manufacturer cannot afford to produce it that leads to low sales and closeout sales. The fall occurs quickly. Reaching obsolescence doesn’t mean a rejected trend will never reenter the cycle. The cycle is in a constant state of repetition, bringing back “old fashions” to send them through the movement of fashion.

The fashion cycle serves as the most important guide for fashion merchandising.

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27 Replies to “Understand The Stages Of Fashion Curve (A2Z of Image Management)”

  1. Superb Amazing Zs i. e. Zenith of fashion. Though we know that any fashion has cyclic change pattern, but I must say you have well explained it through the different stages and graph. Congratulations Swati on successful completion of A2Z challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts!

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  2. The fashion curve is quite interesting!! We observe it happening around us, whenever a new style gets introduced. Its demand starts increasing, reaches the peak, and then starts declining. Finally, it enters the rejection phase. I agree that it happens mostly for fad clothing. Classics usually have a steadier curve.
    Wonderful series, Swati. Got to learn a lot about dressing, clothing, wardrobe, fashion trends, and much more. It was wonderful getting in contact with you, through this challenge. Best eishes.

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  3. Yours was a wonderful series where I got to learn about design norms and trends. Congratulations on the completion of the A2Z series and all the best for the future ventures:)

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  4. I prefer buying classic clothes since fad clothing becomes redundant in a few months. Enjoyed this series and the amazing points about fashion you shared will be helpful to many.

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  5. Zenith the highest point wow, Rise-Peak-Decline-Rejection of fashion style as well as of cloth. There was so much I learned from your series this April 2021, it is sure is going to change my clothing style and upgrade my wardrobe. My favorite is always classic clothing as it stays long.

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  6. Wow super informative. yes we all observed the rising and falling of different fashion trends but never realized in this way. learn a lot about fashion curve and its different stages. many congratulations dear for completing A2Z challenge. looking forward for your first e book. you had done a great job with your entire series. I am so happy to be a part of your this amazing journey.

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  7. awesome. I have always admired your posts and selection of topics. yes, fashion undergoes different stages and as you said these day, it come and go so quickly. I am a classic clothing person. I don’t like to follower trend but look for something long lasting.

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  8. honestly, I was never aware of so many stages, this is so very new to me but equally interesting too . I prefer long lasting and comfortable then trendy. Love the topic choice

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  9. Well I didnt know about this zenith stage or the peak stage in fashion trends. Thanks for enlightening about this. But one question that’s making me curious is what when people say that this old fashion has come into trend once again?

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  10. wow, so many stages. I like classical and casual stuff both. But since last year, all I am interested in is shorts and tank tops or PJs! Because I am choosing comfort over everything else!

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  11. Wow, I never knew that there was a fashion curve and there were many stages in it. Thanks for sharing about the same. I am heading straight to download your book now.

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