#BlogchatterA2Z : “T” – Time to know your Face Shape (A2Z of Image Management)

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This is my 20th post for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. Today I am sharing with you different Types of Face Shapes. All those who are reading my post do analyze your face shape by reading my guidelines. Once you are done..stay tuned to my next post where I will be giving you tips on right kind of accessories, neckline, eye wear and haircut for all types of face shapes to look appropriate and attractive.

There are some things about your body that you should know for example: your blood type, things you are allergic to, and your face shape, to name a few. The last one may seem like no big deal, but knowing if your face is oval, square, or round can help you get a more flattering haircut, look more natural when you get fillers, find perfectly fitting glasses, accessories that suits you and makes you look more attractive and neckline in your clothing which looks more appropriate.

Typical Face Shapes ( Characteristic Traits)

Oval / Ideal face shape

Softly curved ideal, face is longer than wide. Proportions considered traditionally ideal. Length about one and a half times the width at cheeks.

Oblong face shape

Curved at forehead, jaw and chin. Face is longer than wide. Equal width across forehead and jaw. Looks longer and narrow than ideal.

Round face shape

More curved/rounded than ideal. It is as long as it is wide, equal width, equal length and width. Rounded at forehead, cheeks, jaw and chin. Shorter and wider than ideal.

Rectangle face shape

More angular/straight than ideal. Loner than wide. Equal width across forehead, cheeks and jaw. Squared hairline and jawline. Longer and narrower than ideal.

Square face shape

More angular/straight than ideal. Face is as long as it is wide, equal length and width. Equal width across forehead, cheeks and jaw. Straight at side, squared hairline and jawline. Shorter and more antidote than ideal.

Triangle face shape

More angular/ straight than ideal. Narrower at forehead than jaw. Narrower forehead than ideal. Wider at jaw and flatter chin than ideal.

Inverted Triangle face shape

More angular/straight than ideal. Wider at forehead than cheeks and jaw. Narrower at jaw and chin than ideal. (With widow’s peak hairline, may be defined as “Heart” shape)

Diamond face shape

More angular/Straight than ideal. Narrower at forehead, jaw and chin. Wider at cheeks. Narrower forehead, jaw and chin than ideal.

Trapezoid face shape

More angular/straight than ideal. Narrower at forehead and wide at jaw. Relatively straight, angles at sides. ( May be defined as “Pear” shadow).

Knowing your face shape can also show you which parts to deemphasize. If you have a square jaw, you can use contouring makeup to soften the edges and help create more roundness. In order to determine the shape of your face, begin by brushing back your hair so that your bone structure is exposed. Stand approximately twelve inches from your mirror and remaining still. Follow the guideline I have provided here and find out your face shape! Viola!!


This post is part of#BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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18 Replies to “#BlogchatterA2Z : “T” – Time to know your Face Shape (A2Z of Image Management)”

  1. I’m confused whether I’m oval-shaped or oblong as my forehead is small, it’s like an egg. Nice informative post on so many face shapes and you gave pictoral examples of celebrities to give us a perfect idea. You have shared a new informed style with us.

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  2. Loved it swati. all pictures are looking so amazing and I had a great time while reading this post. my face is oval, I am so looking forward for your tips from next post. I am sure it will be super informative.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Interesting!! Yes, the shape of the face helps a lot in selecting hair cuts, accessories, and most importantly glasses. We usually pay attention to the shapes of our faces while deciding on necklines and earrings etc.( knowingly or unknowingly), but your post gave more clarity on the topic.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved the post about the shape and the things that’s go with it favorably. My mom says, The hair-do, the earrings mainly need to recheck before wearing if it’s matched with the shape of the face or not. I have an oblong face that, also mom says!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. One face looks better than another and now we know why! I would like to add that physical attributes like weight and height also make a difference in how good a personality one has.

    Liked by 1 person

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