All You Need To Know About Make-Up (A2Z of Image Management)

This this my 13th post for #BlogChattetA2Z Challenge and I am half way done. Three cheers for all the challengers and Blogchatter.

Let me tell you an instance that made me realize little makeup is not bad if that can uplift the way you feel, act and others response towards you.

I have always maintained that without a bit of makeup, I am at plain as a “mud fence”. I was in a hurry one Saturday and decides I couldn’t take time to put on my face. I was feeling good about life in general, so I headed out on errands add my very plain, unpainted self. Minutes later, in a local department store, I was confronted by a former student. “Swati ma’am, she loudly exclaimed for the whole store to hear. “It really you! How marvelous. You really are as plain as you said you were! “

I smiled at smug looking shoppers, thought beautiful thoughts, reminding myself that beauty comes from within and bear a hasty retreat.

On days when I am going to be out in the World, I find it’s smart to take a little time to put on my face. There is a real difference in a way I look work makeup add well as how I feel and in the way others respond to me.

The purpose of making up has a logical order about it, so you can learn to do much of it quickly and by habit. Don’t feel you have to follow a set number of steps rigidly or that you must use all of your makeup all of the time. You may choose to use more on a social occasion to create greater visual presence or to appear more glamorous. You may choose to use less and appear casual for active shorts or an at-home occasion. You have options.

Basic makeup procedure includes using moisture/protestant on your clean face, before applying any actual makeup. This step seals in moisture and provide a barrier film to protect your skin from the environment. A light lotion will do nicely for day and make a marvelous makeup base.

Wait a few minutes and then, as a general rule, start your makeup applications at the top of your face and work down to avoid smearing.

  1. Foundation makeup, while not essential, is applied first. Foundation evens out skin coloration and can change apparent skin color. Skillfully applied, it can camouflage blemishes. Some foundations provide protection from the sun. Choose foundation to match your skin coloration, dot it onto your face, and blend smoothly in an up and outward direction. When using foundation, less is always best.
  2. Under-eye concealing cream camouflage undertones and evens out skin color,as it moisturize the under eye area. Light skin women are advised to choose concealing cream a tint lighter to camouflage dark areas. Avoid ghostly white concealing creams. Blend smoothly ,in an up and outward direction.
  3. Powder sets foundation makeup, evens out skin coloration, camouflage minir blemishes and soften the appearance of makeup by eliminating any shine. It is an natural looking alternative in place of foundation. Course loose translucent powder to match your skin type. Pies or brush on lightly, using a cotton ball or cosmetic brush. Smooth and blend powder work a cotton ball or brush, in a down and outward direction to avoid brushing facial hair up.
  4. Eyebrow pencil adds color to harmonious hair and grow coloration, fills in brows and can correct eyebrows shape and length. It, too, Can create illusion about face and eyes shape. Choose the color to coordinate with brows and hair color. Brush brows in an up and outward direction to smooth and shape. Full in spare areas with delicate pencil strokes, in the direction of hair growth. Trapper to nothing at the outer end of the brow. Rebrush. About thick, heavy application.
  5. Eye shadow adds both guys and value contrast. It emphasis your eyes and create illusion about eye and gave shape. Cream types are easier blend they moisturize your eye lids. Course the color to coordinate with eye anger clothing color. Spooky to the eye lid and below the brow bone. Blend smoothly in an upward and outward direction, diminishing to nothing just below the brow bone. Lightly powder the area to set shadow and prevent creasing.
  6. Eye liner ads value contrast along the edge of the eyelid and emphasizes the eyes creating the illusion of larger eyes. Choose the color to coordinate with hair, eyes and clothing color. Draw a smooth line along the edge of the upper eye lid and slightly into the upper eye lashes. Rapper to nothing towards the center or the inner corner of the eye. Repeat on the lower eyelid. About underlining the lower lid only, as it creates an unbalanced effect. Avoid joining upper and lower at the outer corner.
  7. Mascara adds value contrast on light skinned women. It emphasis the eyes, while softening the appearance of eyeliner. Choose the color to compliment personal coloring. Look straight forward and stroke color in an upward direction, on the unedited of your upper lashes. Stroke individual upper and lower lashes with the top of the brush.
  8. Blush adds warm colors to the cheeks and imparts a healthy glow to your whole face. It draws attention to the eye color and emphasizes eye color and created illusions about facial contours. Choose the color to coordinate with skin, lip color and clothing color. Using a soft brush, apply blush upward and outward direction over your cherk bones. Blend smoothly with the brush or a dry sponge. Avoid applying too close to the noise or jaw. Avoid circles or streaks of blush.
  9. Lip liner adds hue and value contrast. It define and corrects the lip line while it emphasizes the lips. Course the lipliner in the same or slightly darker shade as lipstick color. Trace the outline of your lips, reshaping only if necessary for better balance and proportion.
  10. Lipstick adds hue and value contrast to emphasize the lips,as it moisturise the lips. Choose a color to coordinate with skin, blush and clothing color. Apply lipsticks at the area inside the lip liner, stroking from center to corners. Avoid an uneven or smeared line.

Famous last words to maintain beautiful skin, remove make up nightly and cleanse your face. You will be glad you did!

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17 Replies to “All You Need To Know About Make-Up (A2Z of Image Management)”

  1. Great makeup tips..very useful for newbies. ..Living in the south I have never used the foundation as it is always hot here and the sweat leaves streaks. Even Mascara I have used to the minimum…the rest I do but very occasionally.I wished I lived in cooler climes to be able to put on makeup šŸ™‚

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  2. Another no-makeup person here. I don’t use the first four at all, but eyeliner and lipstick are favorites. Reading these tips makes me feel like trying all of them one day. Hope it happens soon and if it does, will share an update with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Brilliant guidelines to apply makeup in the correct order. I, too feel that a bit of makeup on my face really uplifts my mood and confidence. And any compliment over really delights the day.

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