Importance of Layering in Clothing

Layering is the key to make all season clothes work for you. It leads to style, individuality, versatility,  insulating effect and exciting interest in a wardrobe. Layering allows for creative dressing at its best.

Apart from comfort, layering can offer much more than that. There are number of benefits which layering can suggest, lets discuss all of them.

Temperature Control

To add warmth during winter season one can layer several pieces of clothing. Air trapped between layers of fabric and heated by the body increases the insulating effect of the clothes. If the temperature rises one can always remove a layer to feel better. Natural clothing fabric absorb body moisture, allowing it to evaporate. It is therefore better to wear natural fiber garments next to your skin for the most efficient effect.

Save Money

Layering allows you to extend your clothing wear by using your summer clothes into fall by layering the pieces. You can reduce your buying if you will learn the art of layering. For example wearing sleeveless blouses which one usually wear in summers with a jacket or a sweater in winters can help in saving money.

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10 Golden Rules of E-mail Etiquette to create Perfect Impression

Email etiquette is a prescribed code of behavior one should follow while communicating through email . Once, considered as a casual way of communication, is now a most preferred way of corporate communication as it can an be used as a proof and keep the person accountable . All professional email communication need to make an impression about the person who is communicating is a credible professional. It can be one of the first contact point for someone or deal maker or breaker and for others, therefore it becomes even more important to create good first impression by following proper email etiquette. Following these tips you can make effective communication and create impact which you aim for.

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