#BlogchatterA2Z :”I” – Image Management (A2Z OF Image Management)

Hi Everyone,

This is my 9th post for BlogchatterA2Z challenge. You will be wondering why have I taken this topic now. Well this is because we are going according to alphabetical order, so here I am to share with you about what my series is all about. Let me tell you What is Image Management? and What is the power of personal appearance?

According to Judith Rasband – Image Management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance and the resulting response on you and others. The concept of image management applies to anyone who has ever needed to improve self-image, self-worth, self-confidence, capability and credibility. It applies to anyone who has ever wanted to get an idea across to someone else, to influence opinion or action be it in the home, the school, community or work place.

It is creating authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable image. Intelligence, knowledge, ability, initiate and effort are vital to success of any kind, but regardless to who you are, how old and what your role or goal , ongoing image management can give you the personal, professional presence you need.

As an individual living and working in a highly competitive society and complex society, you must recognize and understand the impact of your appearance as it communicates first to you and then to others.

What you wear and the way you look affects:

  • The way you think
  • The way you feel
  • The way you act or behave and then
  • The way others react or respond to you

While it is important to like what you wear and the way you look, it is more important to understand why or why not and specifically how this affects you, others and your life and the achievement of your goals.

You can’t afford to create a negative impression or to build barriers between you and others because of an unattractive, inappropriate, distracting or offensive appearance. When you appear personally authentic, appropriate for the goals of the occasion and attractively dressed and groomed, you create a positive impression and others are more able to perceive your positive traits and regards and respond to you more favorably.

The ultimate goal for most of the people is to become successful in personal ,professional and social life. Success is all about two things happening simultaneously- getting a chance, an opportunity to do something and then performing when the opportunity comes along.. While the first one depends on creating a powerful first impression, the second is dependent on education, experience and soft skills. In today’s world, most people have education and experience, so soft skills becomes the deciding factor in performing well when opportunity comes knocking.

To create powerful first impression one needs to learn how to manage their image or how to create powerful personal presence. Image Management is all about developing your inner strength and at the same time reflect them on the outside through appearance. While there are scores of people who have the talent but do not get an opportunity, the world is full of people who get many opportunities but cannot perform when it is needed the most. So we can say that Image Management is the only science and art which combines both the spectrum of success.

To develop inner strength one needs to work on their attitude towards themselves , towards others and life as a whole, self-esteem and soft skills like interpersonal skills, leadership skills, empathy, body language, time and stress management, goal setting, motivational skills, negotiation skills, team management skills and so on. While reflecting the inner strength outside one needs to create powerful first impression with stronger visual communication through appearance.

We all carry certain skills, ability and experience but the people we meet often judge you only by what meets the eye. In a few seconds, people decide everything about your personality, authority, intelligence, financial success, trustworthiness etc. To understand how first impressions are created one should read the analysis made by Albert Mehrabian communication chart.

Communication is not a choice. Whether you want to or not you will communicate. The moment other sees you, you start communicating. Appearance consisting of clothing, grooming and body language including etiquette, if managed well, creates the desired visual communication.

Therefore it is important to project a winning image in order to me more successful in personal, professional and social life. a winning image is one that is appropriate to roles, goals and occasions, authentic to present the real you, attractive to look at and affordable to maintain all your life.

This post is part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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22 Replies to “#BlogchatterA2Z :”I” – Image Management (A2Z OF Image Management)”

  1. Very detailed post Image Management. It is all about the first impression. Our eyes take in appearance only first and that is a lasting impression. It is also about self-confidence and how u carry urself.

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  2. Developing innner strength and reflecting on the outer experience. Loved this suggestion. Kudos to you on such a detailed and insightful post. The chart throughout the post make it wven more attractive
    Deepika Sharma

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  3. I was too vain earlier and hardly have any thought to image management. However, it reflects your persona, style, hygiene and attention to detail like nothing else. Good points, Swati. Loving this series!

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  4. Image management – a combo of intelligence, initiative, ability, efforts, knowledge is an important part of image & appearance. It’s about developing inner strength and the ability to reflect on outer appearance. Great post.

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  5. such a brilliant piece of advice Swati. I agree that it is very important to pay enough attention on your external appearance as well as on soft skills, while presenting yourself in front of overcompetitive world. this tiny details can make or break your overall persona. loved the infographic. it was new info to me.

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  6. You know what… You’ve inspired me to do better. And I ain’t just saying that! I tend to be that guy who slacks off when it comes to dressing up for the part… I need to do better.

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  7. Insightful information to understand image management so perfectly at both the place professional and personal. That pie chart has well summarised the ratio of content mix contributing to making your image: 7% communication, 55% body, arm movement, and 38% voice, tone, and modulation.

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  8. Though I completely agree with the concept of image management and follow the basic rules, never gave it a deeper thought. Thanks for expanding the horizon of my perspective on it. This makes a lot of sense.

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