Recommended Guidelines For A Quick Fit Style Selection For Fabulous fit (A2Z of Image Management)

Hi Everyone,

Now here I am with my 18th post for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. Today I will give you tips to get that perfect fit that you are looking for in dressing.

Where there is a will there is an “Attitude”!

  • Learn to accept yourself as you are, never let your weight get in your way.
  • Learn to dress the body you are living in now – today.
  • Learn that you don’t have figure flaws nor figure faults. You have figure variations, variations from that so called ideal that doesn’t really exist.
  • Learn to sit, stand and walk tall
  • Learn that it’s not just to look slimmer, but to look well proportioned and balanced.
  • Learn that it’s a matter of emphasis, how to counter and camouflage.
  • Learn that it’s not just the clothing style lines and shapes but fabric, and patterns as they interact to influence your goals.
  • Learn that it is not just the piece of clothing you choose, but how you put them together.

It is not what you wear, it’s how you wear it-it’s all in the wearing!

Fit begins when you select a garment style. If the garment style doesn’t accommodate your figure type in the first place, you have a little chance to achieve a fabulous fit. For example, an A- line skirt may not accommodate a triangular figure type with large side thighs, and an hourglass shaped shirtwaist dress with a fitted midriff yoke is not likely to accommodate a diamond figure type who carries her weight between the midriff and high hip, no matter what the size.

If the garment size does accommodate your figure type, it’s likely it will flow easily over later body area for a fabulous fit, and possibly workout alteration or only minimal alteration. Style that accommodate usually feature some design ease or added fullness in larger body areas.  For example, a flared skirt is more likely to accommodate the large side thigh of a triangular figure type and a float dress that features a loose empire waistline and soft hanging gathered skirt below offer a “safe” or “quick fit “style for a diamond figure type.

Save yourself time and frustration. Avoid those wardrobe orphans that hang in so many closets, unloved and unworn, a waste of precious time, money and effort. Learn to recognize the garment that matches most nearly your general figure type. This will be your “Quick Fit” style most likely to accommodate your figure type and generally without any alteration. Remember appropriate fitting ease is essential, so as not to expose your body.

Moving beyond “Quick Fit” style, “Smart Fit” and “Alternative Fit” style becomes an attractive option when carefully selected with design details to balance the figure and if altered to include enough ease in larger body areas.

Light weight layering is another option that works fabulously to camouflage and counter figure variations we don’t want the World to focus on. Some general guidelines:

  • For 2nd layer shirt, skirt, pants and dresses allow 2 or 4 incres of fitting ease around the bust/back and hip/buttocks areas.
  • For 3rd layer jackets, vests, sweater, tunics and dusters, allow 5 to 6 inches of fitting ease around larger body areas.
  • For 4th layer coats allow 7 to 8 inches of fitting ease around these larger body areas.
  • Fitting ease allowed around the waist in 1/2 inch, we seem to prefer a snug fit here.
  • Fitting ease allowed around the upper and lower arm is approximately 2 inches.
  • Fitting ease allowed below the underarm is generally 1/2 to 1 inch.
  • Fitting ease allowed below the crotch is generally 1 to 1/2 inches.

Hope these tips will help you in selecting clothes which fits you best and flatters your body.

This post is part of#BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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19 Replies to “Recommended Guidelines For A Quick Fit Style Selection For Fabulous fit (A2Z of Image Management)”

  1. I loved all the pointers listed under what we need to Learn. Lightweight layering is always good to cover body variations and they look great too. I love layered and flowing clothes a lot.

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  2. I agree that it is very important to feel confident in your body type and shape. having a feeling of not perfect figure create a state of low confidence. your tips were so good dear. I agree doing all these wisely can make a major difference in our overall look and confidence.

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  3. It is not about what you wear but how you wear it. Absolutely!! Great information about garment style and garment size. Quick fit, smart fit, and alternating fit seem to be the saviors in any case.

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  4. Wow, merely reading ‘Where there is a will, there is an attitude” filled my heart with immense confidence—another set of bang on tips on the layered outfit. Be which body type you are, the right attire with a well-fitted attitude is enough to reflect your persona.

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  5. I like the term wardrobe orphans. 🙂
    We often buy clothes that we like without realising how the colour or fabric will fall on our body. Even a well-fitted crisp white shirt and jeans can be a fashion statement if you carry it well!

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  6. Today people are crazy about lean and thin figure.But being towards chubby size is nothing to be ashamed of. Being comfortable with your body type and dressing accordingly can enhance our look.

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  7. Loved reading this. I have myself seen a change in my taste frm all fitted when I was skinny to layered and a little loose fit after my kids and weight gain. But in the end it’s all about being comfortable in what you wear.

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