10 Positive Thought Strategies

In my previous write up you read about self-image. Today we are going to know about certain strategies which can help you in building positive self -image. Lets get started..

Avoid exaggerations

Correct your internal voice when it exaggerates , especially when it exaggerates the negatives. Try to avoid thinking in extreme terms.

Nip negative thoughts in the bud

Sometimes putting a stop on negative thinking is as easy as that. The next time you start giving yourself an internal browbeating, tell yourself to “stop it” If you saw a person yelling, insult at another person, you would probably tell them to stop. Why do you accept that behaviour from yourself.

Accentuate the positive

Instead of focusing on what you think are your negative qualities, accentuate your strengths and assets.

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Self Image

How we think and feel about ourselves influence the way we react or respond to life stressors. A positive self-image affects our physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well being. Self-image can determine the quality of our relationships with others.

People’s self-image, how they see themselves is normally based on the compliments and criticism received throughout their life, especially when they are young and vulnerable.

Have you ever asked yourself ” What was I thinking?” or thought to yourself “That was stupid” when doing something? That was your internal voice judging you. In some people that internal voice can be too critical and harsh , leading to low self- esteem. In others, it may be so weak that they don’t notice when they are mean or insensitive to others.

Listening your internal voice and judgments of yourself is the first step to changing your self-image and esteem. One way to gain a better understanding of your current self-image is to imagine your reactions to different situations you encounter.

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