16 Resume Tips for Freshers – Campus to Corporate

Resume is a marketing documents which is used to make a favorable impression on the recruiter. This is the first point of contact so make sure that it is impressive and to the point. Building up of Resume should begin as early as possible so that you have enough content to showcase to make perfect first impression. This is where the journey of campus to corporate really begins.

A Resume is a detailed summary of your credentials which greatly assist you in various arenas of your professional life. The sole purpose of your resume is to sell your credentials for the purpose of employment. Your Resume is to get you an interview, not a job! . An Interview call means your resume has made a favorable impression and your qualifications and experience have been found to be appropriate for the assignment. The thought of having to write a resume can be daunting for the most seasoned of players and even more in the current job market, so for fresher who wouldn’t know what to include, what to leave out and what format to followed can be a big dilemma. There are times when Resume is sent through e-mail, that’s when the need to know basics of E-mail Etiquette’s comes into picture. So here are few tips to help freshers in writing a Resume.

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10 Golden Rules of E-mail Etiquette to create Perfect Impression

Email etiquette is a prescribed code of behavior one should follow while communicating through email . Once, considered as a casual way of communication, is now a most preferred way of corporate communication as it can an be used as a proof and keep the person accountable . All professional email communication need to make an impression about the person who is communicating is a credible professional. It can be one of the first contact point for someone or deal maker or breaker and for others, therefore it becomes even more important to create good first impression by following proper email etiquette. Following these tips you can make effective communication and create impact which you aim for.

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