#BlogchatterA2Z : “A” : Art in Every Day Dressing (A2Z of Image Management)

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. Here I am going to talk about A2Z of Image Management. Image management is all about developing your inner strength and at the same time reflect them on the outside appearance. Developing inner strength is all about working on your self esteem, attitude and soft skills while reflecting them to the outside world through creating impact full first Impression and by developing flawless visual communication through appearance. Creating a powerful first impression is essential to get more opportunities in life. We all carry certain skills ability and experience but the people we meet often judge us only by what meets the eye.

Most of us feel “Why to put an effort on everyday dressing”. But I am sure when we have some important occasion we all put an effort to make sure we all look presentable. But remember clothing is considered as artistic visual design and therefore it is an art form which we can see and touch. It can stimulate our senses as beauty of well-designed clothes can meet our needs and serve to uplift our spirit. Hence clothing can be seen as wearable art. Most people want to be attractive, but too often they assume appearance just happens. Some view it as a matter of luck or inherent trait. But the matter of the fact is, it takes knowledge, thought and effort to create an attractive appearance, the artistic approach holds the most hope and help. Think of yourself as part of the artistic composition with your clothes. Once you wear clothes, you yourself become part of the artistic composition. You cannot separate your body lines, shapes, colour  with the lines, shapes and colour of you clothes. One influence the appearance of the other.

Dressing is truly an art when it relates to, reflects or expresses the individual person within. The artistic approach to clothing selection and coordination encourages individuality, creativity and conformity. When the design details are appropriate for your physical, social, psychological and aesthetic needs, the image you present will more likely be an accurate reflection of you. You have the liberty to create any desired effect in your outfit and that’s brings out your creativity , imagination and self-expression.

Analyze and evaluate often the way in which each element of design is used and each principle of design is achieved in a dress whether in window or door display, in magazine, on yourself or on another individual. People watching is fascinating and you will learn as you look. This exercise is essential if you want to understand the art of every day dressing.

In all art form, including dress, the main part of the composition must be similar. Without similarity among the parts our senses would become confused and we would be uncomfortable. Most people feel comfortable with similarity. Similarity is desirable, but we don’t want everything so much the same the composition becomes boring, or predictable. It is important to introduce some variety, some dissimilarity or contrast in the composition. Without variety our senses cannot be fully stimulated . People are intrigued by the unexpected. They enjoy the new or surprise element. Variety is desirable but we do not want so much that similar elements begin to conflict or fight for attention. Too much variety results in chaos, confusion and mixed message.

If you always wear clothes with similar, lines, shapes, pattern and fabric, people become accustomed to seeing you look the same ,that soon they hardly notice you. Some variety or contrast is good for breaking the monotony and to attract some attention to your uniqueness. On the other hand if everything you wear is totally different from the day before , or every element within the outfit is unrelated to others, the effects becomes confusing. You might loosed your identity altogether. Therefore some similarity or repetition is necessary to provide stable base. To avoid both boredom and confusion , you should learn to compromise between similarity and variety.

Some clothes works better for you than others. They work because the elements of design selected are used correctly, they worn because the elements are arranged correctly, They meet your need and enhances your appearance. You like the way you look. The clothes are in harmony with you. It is not what you wear but how you wear. What works for you becomes what you prefer and what you prefer can develop into your personality.

Keep all these in mind , you will love the way you look and the way people respond to your style.

This post is written for BlogchatterA2Z challenge .

@Swati Mathur

19 Replies to “#BlogchatterA2Z : “A” : Art in Every Day Dressing (A2Z of Image Management)”

  1. I loved this post. I never took every day dressing important during college days. When I stepped into the outside world, I realised how crucial it is, not to show off but it does reflect the personality.

    I also agree to be use variety and contrast and more importantly to be comfortable and feel confident in what you wear

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  2. Absolutely agree! Dresses are the first thing that glances others in building your image, way before the words hit the conversation. For me, my dressing sense is something that supports my confidence. If I am comfortable with it, it lit my whole persona in any environment.

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  3. wow first I really love your theme dear and looking forward to read posts in this series. I agree we did not pay much attention to our everyday dressings but as you said it is an art and could make a major difference in our confidence and overall spirit,

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  4. Ever since you did the theme reveal, I was intrigued by the topic. I never cared less about seemingly important aspect of life. Planning to come out as a changed person after 1 month of reading your blogs.

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  5. Loved this post Swati. I was waiting to read your posts ever since your theme reveal. I hope that with your tips on managing one’s image, I will be able to implement few changes in my life. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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