#BlogchatterA2Z : “K” – Know Lifecyle of clothing needs (A2Z of Image Management)

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Wow! I have reached to my 11th post for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. So what am I going to share today? My love for clothes and fashion are known to my close ones and that’s what has motivated me to become an Image consultant ,so here I am sharing A2Z of Image Management where in clothing plays an imperative role.

Clothing is an obvious and key factor in daily life, in the home, school, community and in the work place ; in sports, the arts, holidays and ceremonies, intimate relationships , recreation and play, aging and maturation throughout a person’s life cycle. Basic clothing needs must be met at all stages in life or the effort to fill the need can get in the way or interfere with development tasks, activities and goals.

Clothing needs are reasonable and are influences by our environment, lifestyle and personal style. Physical needs tends to be real needs. Clothing wants, however are endless and are influences by values, attitude, friends and peers. Display and media advertising expose us to endless goods and services that make us dissatisfied with what we have. Social and aesthetic needs may more often be wants. It is essential to reconsider actual needs verses wants if you hope to resist the temptation to acquire and overextended your resources.

It is important for parents to teach young children effective dress and grooming strategies that meet their needs. This is the age when parents have the most credibility with children. Once learned, children will experience far fewer image problems as teens and adults. Nonetheless it is never too late to learn.

Life Cycle Clothing Needs


Physical Needs : Physical needs are of prime importance. Diapers and sleep wear are worn most often. So clothes should be Soft, flexible, light weight, absorbent, germ-free, non-allergenic, easy care, quick dry, easy on and off and so on.

Psychological Needs : When physical needs are met, psychological   proceeds unhindered.

Social Needs : Social reactions occur from birth, should be clean and attractive to others.

Aesthetic Needs  – An infant is not yet aware of beauty in clothing.

Toddlers and pre-school

Physical Needs – Physical needs continue to be most important,  influenced by rapid growth and active play. 

Psychological Needs – Psychological development begins to be influenced more specifically by clothing that foster a sense of independence.

Social Needs – Social interaction accelerates. Social development it’s influenced more specifically by clothing that contributes to acceptance and security.

Aesthetic Needs – Aesthetic preferences form and influence selection.  References are more freely expressed.

Elementary School

Physical Needs – Physical needs are not as important, but must still be considered. 

Psychological Needs – Psychological needs assume,greater importance, influenced by the need for self-aware respect and worthiness.

Social Needs – Social needs assume Greater importance.  Social development it’s influenced more specifically by clothing that fosters a senseof belonging and security.

Aesthetic Needs – Aesthetic preference  vary from personal to peer group.

Teen – Age

Physical Needs – Physical needs can be rapid and then stops.

Psychological Needs – Emphasis is now on psychological needs as clothing influences maturation.

Social Needs – Emphasis is now on social needs, active shorts, dating and possible employment influences needs.

Aesthetic Needs – Personal aesthetic preferences may give in to peer pressure. This is good time for developing personal style.


Physical Needs – The body has stopped growing reducing the need for four new clothes.

Psychological Needs – With maturity cones the need for personal Independence and individuality.

Social Needs – Emphasis is on the personal suitability of clothing for lifestyle, social roles and goals – colleges, military service, employment, marriage, child bearing,sports and social occasion.

Aesthetic Needs – Personal aesthetic preferences are more stable and freely expressed.

Middle age and Elderly

Physical Needs – Physical needs again become very important. With advancing age, the body begins to soften and sag while joints stiffen.

Psychological Needs – Psychologically, clothing can help maintain self Image and self esteem.

Social Needs – Socially clothing can help maintain an active lifestyle.

Aesthetic Needs – Sheriff needs counter the effect of physical changes occurring with increasing she and help maintain an attractive appearance.

This post is part of#BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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21 Replies to “#BlogchatterA2Z : “K” – Know Lifecyle of clothing needs (A2Z of Image Management)”

  1. Agree It is important for parents to teach children effective dress and grooming strategies that meet their needs at an early age. Need, taste, preference for clothing keeps on changing as per age and time.

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  2. With your every post, you are adding a new perspective to my dressing sense. This is just amazing that we have been living with and witnessing some of these concepts but never bothered to pay attention to the details. Another wonderful post.

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  3. Yes agree dear clothing has an integral relationship with age. loved the way you had classified different kind of need as per different age group. this was something new learning for me.

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  4. It’s always said by my mom “treat your clothes in a good way, they will treat you in their best way”. I loved the post about how you shared the need for clothes according to age.

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  5. You have well penned down all the logic behind and the importance of clothing patterns at different life stages. Brilliant Swati. One of the best posts I read today.


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