Utilize Face Shape Evaluation to Accessorize (A2Z of Image Management)

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This is my 21st Post for #Blogchatter A2Z challenge and as promised today I will be sharing tips to accessorize according to your face shape. Please checkout my previous post on Face Shape Evaluation , to know your face shape. One thing I would like to share before I begin with the tips, there are many faces which are of a combination, making typical shape name impossible. Identify whether the face is rounder, straight, longer, shorter, wider or narrower than ideal.

Once you have determined your face shape, you can start to determine what looks best on you. From glasses and earrings to hair and makeup, these are the ideals to help you look your best!

There are general rules that apply to any face shape that can be extremely helpful:

  • Every face shape has beautiful qualities! Through hair, makeup, and accessorizing, you can highlight the most beautiful and unique parts of your face!
  • You should use accessories to counter the shape of your face and avoid creating too much sameness.  If your face is round, you should look for glasses that are more squared in order to avoid making the face appear even more round. If your face has a lot of angles, you should wear earrings with softer shapes to offset your angular face features.

Oval Shape

Pic courtesy : Shutterstock

If your face is oval, congratulation!   Your face shape has been deemed the most desirable. Your face shape is extremely versatile and can accommodate most accessories and hairstyles with ease. Your face is oval if it tapers from top to bottom with a forehead that is wider than your chin. You may or may not have prominent cheek bones as well.

While the opportunities may seem endless, the only thing you should really avoid is doing anything dramatic that would make your face appear anything other than oval. Avoid haircuts that create too much bulk at the top of the head, which can elongate your overall face shape. Basically you can carry off everything with an ease.

Round Shape

Round faces tend to have soft features and people probably think you’re younger than you actually are. The most flattering glasses and earrings for round faces will be those that are more rectangular in shape.  Since your face is likely on the short end, you should avoid sunglasses that are too tall and take up too much space on your face. For hair, shorter lengths look great on you as well as longer cuts. Avoid hairstyles that create width (bushy at sides) including cuts that are one length, too blunt, or too short, rounded bangs or straight bangs and voluminous.

For makeup, you should do contouring on the outsides of the face and highlighting on the lengths in the center of your face to make it long elongated. Eyebrow arches can also add length to the face.

Pic Courtesy : GlamBox airbrush cosmetics

Oblong Shape

Oblong face shapes does follow the general rules as you face shape isn’t really round or angled like the others. Roundness is generally encouraged to help create width. Glasses should have some roundness to their frame. Long earrings should be avoided, but round studs and hoops are your best friends. Avoid long, straight hair as it repeats your face shape. Cover some of forehead with bangs, add width at cheeks and light tagging at the sides.

Your makeup should highlight the widths of your face and contour the heights of your face to reduce length of your face . To counter and create illusion of oval shape your neckline, collar or necklace should lead attention outwards line horizontal, wide and square.

Pic Courtesy : Informative mart

Square Shape

The most flattering accessories for your face are round or oval. These shapes create softness and you should avoid the harsh edges of square or geometric angles.

Glasses should be rounded or curved while earrings can be long, but should remain feminine.

The goal of your hairstyle should be to create softness and avoid blunt or boxy cuts. Cover hairline and jawline with softly waved or curled hair. High side part and if you want to go for bangs go with diagonals .As far as makeup is concerned to create an oval affect by draw more attention to the center of your face while softening the edges. To counter and create illusion of oval shape your neckline,  collar or necklace should lead attention down like, vertical, V-neck, open collars and narrow lapels.

Pic Courtesy : Shutterstock

Inverted Triangle Shape

Accessories should be focused on complimenting width at the top of the face, and creating more width at the bottom of the face. Necklaces that are horizontal wide, rounded design and square or round bright bold earrings will compliment . Glass frames can be soft features and round, avoid predominant frames, preferable rimless and write frames. Go with the horizontal wider, scoop, bateau, square, rounded necklines.

You have one of the rare face shapes that can pixie cut, but can also have long hair with the right layering. Avoid heavy hairstyles such as thick, short bangs or short bobs. In makeup contouring under the cheekbones and towards the temples will help narrow the widest part of the face.

Diamond Face Shape

Accessories should work towards narrowing your and cheeks widening your chin. Avoid narrow-framed glasses and focus on bottom-heavy earrings that create the illusion of width near your chin. Soft square, cat eye and oval with light frames will go well with your face shape. For your hair, a deep side part can help offset the sharp angles of the forehead and chin. Avoid close cut out pulled back add it exposes scream angles of face.

For make up apply matte blush to the apples of your cheeks and contour your temples. This will narrow the widest part of your face while also making your chin appear wider. Wear neckline which is wider, to make you look fuller at the bottom of your face.

Rectangle Face Shape

Going back to the basic rules we outlined, the most flattering accessories for your face are round or oval. These shapes create softness and you should avoid the harsh edges of rectangle or geometric angles. You should apply makeup to create softness. Repeat the same make up rules of square face shape.

To give the illusion to bring your face shape closer to oval, have a hair cut of short to medium length, low side part try covering some part of forehead with bangs which will reduce the lengthen of your face. Accessorize with neckpiece that are horizontal wide, rounded design with short to medium length. Go with rounded to oval gold frame avoid repeating you face shape.

Pic Courtesy : Pinterest

Triangle Face Shape

As other face shape the aim is to bring your face shape closer to oval which is so called ideal, accessorize with long vertical neckpiece, small studs or sleek long earring which will not let you look wider at the bottom of your face. Hairstyle with low side part to make it look little wider with short to medium length. Go with rectangular, oval and aviators glass frames. To bring attention downwards wear vertical, v shaped or u shaped to open Collar necklines.

Leverage makeup to narrow the widest part of your face and widen the slimmest. For an everyday makeup look for this face shape, a little bronzer and blush can really enhance the other features on your face and create some instant dimension, but to turn it up a notch with contouring, we’ll need to strategically highlight and contour different areas of the face. Same rules can be applied for someone who has Trapezoid Face Shape.

Hope these tips can help you leverage your beauty quotient!!!!!

This post is part of#BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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17 Replies to “Utilize Face Shape Evaluation to Accessorize (A2Z of Image Management)”

  1. I go for a haircut only after researching what goes well on a round face. But when it comes to earrings..danglers look good. But somehow they don’t suit me. I am flummoxed 🙂 I thought I knew a lot but your post shows that I am now outdated

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  2. Face shape evaluation, wow so much information we are getting from your posts. Well said necklines, hairstyles, and earrings, etc are more enhanced with proper choice as per face cut and shape. Now I’m checking my eyebrows, hairstyle, earrings as per my face, and it’s good to see how it reflects.

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  3. Wow such an informative post with excellent graphics. I agree these smart changes could make a major difference in our overall look and personality and can enhance our self confidence too. if possible dear, make a video on same topic, it will be very useful for viewers who are in learning phase of this topic.

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  4. This is such a wonderfully researched and well-written post, Swati! Understanding our natural features and enhancing them with right accessories and makeup will always help present ourselves better.

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  5. Wow!! I have been experimenting with hairstyles, earrings, and necklines and had made my own list of what kind of accessories suit me. And all that makes more sense to me now, after reading your informative post. Never thought of customizing eyebrow shape according to the shape of the face. Learning everyday!!


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