Changing Minds- Human Psyche is Multi-faceted – Campus To Corporate

And finally, we have reached to the last post of the series “Campus to Cooperate”. I consider this as the most important of all . There are two reasons for it,

Firstly I chose this theme to help students and freshers who are looking for a job and due to the pandemic finding it difficult to prepare. To deal with this, I came up with some extremely valuable tips which can aid them with tools and strategies to have smooth transition from Campus to Corporate. The topics which I covered were:

Professional Dressing Skills

Resume making tips

Tips on Group Discussion

Tips on Personal Interview

Tips on Virtual Interview

Ways to boost confidence

Emotional Intelligence

Secondly after understanding the Insight from Blogchatter ,the top themes which emerged were Mental health, Education and Motivation. As most of the time I talk about developing inner strength which deals with various critical skills and reflecting the same through appearance, I realized this is what my niche is ,which I need to capitalize on and I am certainly going in the right direction.

This Post has all the three elements in it and that is the reason I consider it as the most important and crucial post of this series.

Once you step into Corporate world the most crucial and challenging task which one would face is sustainability. No one can work in isolation , you will be working with people so how will you make sure that people listen to you and value you as a credible individual, who is loyal, responsible and accountable. Interpersonal skill is the key to have better relationships, but how these interpersonal relationships are developed? This is where one needs to understand Transactional Analysis.

People have believed that each man and women has a multiple nature. Eric Berne had developed a theory based on this called Transactional Analysis. This theory gives an holistic view of understanding of one’s personality, their way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

When two people encounter each other there will be an association of Stimuli and response. The one who will begin the conversation will be called as Transaction Stimulus and the reaction from the other person will be called as Transaction Response. Human brain determines what we think and how we act. Brain has three distinct part or you can say three Ego states. This model was developed by Eric Brain for better understand of how people behave and act and think the way they do.

Three Ego states were named as Parent-Adult-Child, naming ego states this way makes it easy to understand and any laymen can easily relate to these words . This model explores how our ego states affects our behavior and in particular our interaction with others. Better understanding of behavior can help in building strong relationships both in personal and professional life.

Adult Ego state is the most preferred ego state. As it makes a person look more mature and intelligent. During an interview an interviewee should be viewed as someone who is professional, intellectual and self monitoring. So if you know how to shift from one ego state to another it helps you to deal with different situations more effectively and efficiently.

Better understanding of Three Ego States

Parent (P)– Behavior, thoughts , attitude and feelings which are similar to a parent or based on messages or lessons learned from parents and other authoritarian sources. There are of two kinds one is a Controlling parent who promote rules and regulations, judgmental, fault finding and quite strict. While the other one is nurturing parent who believes in nurturing, caring, accepting and more sympathetic in nature. Parent ego state has prejudicial views , not based on any logic or facts.

Adult (A)- Behaviour, thoughts, attitude and feelings are drawn on the resources of both parent and Child. They are based on objective analysis of information and make decisions based on logic, computations and probabilities.

Child (C) – Behaviour, thoughts, attitude and feelings are based on child like emotions and impulse. Its like a hidden little professor who is curious and explorer in nature, trying out new things.

When the communication and interaction between two people occurs and both the partners are on the same ego state say, Parents or Child or Adult , that is called as Complementary or Reciprocal Transaction. Most of the time there are hardly any conflicts in such interactions.

Communication failures are typically caused by Crossed Transaction where partners address ego states other than that their partner is in. For example If person A is in parent ego state and says “Is your room tidy?” and person B is in child ego state and says “Stop hassling me, will do it later.”. In such a circumstances conflict may occur as person A is expecting more matured answer.

There are times when explicit social conversation occurs in parallel with an implicit psychological transaction, that is called Duplex transaction. When a person say A, is sounding like an adult but is actually in a parent ego state and the person who is listening say B, is in child ego state but behaving like in adult ego state. For example A says, “We are going to follow a strict methodology here” , how ever the meaning is “we are going to do my way”. And person B says “ That will be really good sir, however the meaning is “ Well if you have already decided, Why tell me?”. So in this transaction what you say and believe are two different things.

Transaction where one person is trying to address two ego sate at the same time is known as Angular Transaction. For example a salesperson is talking to a customer on more than one level appearing to address the customer’s Adult ego state but trying to hook the customers Child’s ego state because the child in customer is a impulsive buyer and my be seduced by the discounts offer and buys the product.

So if you understand these various ego states and know how to get in and out of them at a given point of time you can avoid conflicts and can master your emotions and have better relationships both at personal and professional front.


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15 Replies to “Changing Minds- Human Psyche is Multi-faceted – Campus To Corporate”

  1. I have read most of your post in this series. This one educated me at a much deeper level. I have noticed such states in people around me. Now I know the terms also.


  2. This was interesting to learn. Ego states is really new term to me and I had learnt about it’s different aspects with this post.
    Great going Swati. Many congratulations on completing first Alexa. Your theme was so informative and with each post you had shared valuable information. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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