Professional Dressing Skills – Campus To Corporate

Straight out of college, corporate world could be overwhelming. Nothing can substitute academics but there are certain skills apart from technical, which plays an important role to make sure that there is a smooth transition from Campus to Corporate. Though these skills are called  Soft Skills but these are the most critical skills when it comes to sustainability.

Each and every individual wants to be successful but nobody really understand the basics of success. The success depend upon two things happening simultaneously, first getting a chance to do something and  second ,performing once you get an opportunity. While first one depends upon creating a positive first impression and second one depends upon education, experience and soft skills. Most of the people in this world do have education and experience so soft skills becomes a deciding factor in performing once an opportunity knocks in.

There are number of soft skills which one needs to work upon , to name a few:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership Skills
  • Conflict management Skills
  • Negotiation Skills and so on.

All these skills can be developed if practiced with persistence. But one thing which people overlook is “APPEARANCE”. To get an opportunity one needs to work on creating an image which is acceptable and welcomed in the corporate world.

Appearance is a combination of Clothing and Grooming. So one needs to give attention to the way they are dressed and groomed. There are certain key words to keep in mind when selecting your clothes.

Attractive: When looking at a person is a pleasant experience and nothing about their experience is disturbing.

Appropriate : When nothing about a person is distracting and looking like they belong and they know what they are doing. Wear clothes according to occasion, situation, activity and in relation to purpose and goals.

Authentic: Looking like yourself, the way you want to be seen. Do not copy or imitate anyone for sake of creating a fake impression, as it cannot last for long.

Affordable : Looking like you are in charge and actually having fun with fashion within your budget. Think of your clothes as a resource and nothing more. It should not look as if you are in pain and uncomfortable. 

Consider that when you give some thought and effort to dressing in accordance to your mood and occasion, you tend to become more creative and confident and in turn it increases your productivity. Even layering in clothing can make any casual dressing look formal.

Similarly in Grooming one needs to pay lot of attention to their fragrance ,hair, nails, makeup and accessories. There is a saying “Lesser the better”. So anything less makes you look more formal.

Professional Dressing is the key to success in the  Corporate world. So it becomes important to know the International Style Scale one needs to follow while dressing for the Corporate World.

Level 4 is called as Tailored clothes which is a complete suite with same colour Skirt/Trouser and a Jacket, considered as highest level of formal dressing The message it conveys are authoritative, more formal, precise and credible.

Level 3 is called as Softly Tailored clothes which is a suit with colour contrast, considered as business casual. The message it conveys are Influential, capable, less formal and consistent.

Level 2 is called as Casual Tailored clothes. Anything with collar makes you look formal . The message it conveys are approachable, flexible, cooperative and relaxed.

Level 1 is called as Untailored clothes. They are unmatched, collarless , unrefined and unfitted clothes which conveys messages like functional, unofficial, easy going, available and temporary.

So choose which level you want to adopt according to the occasion, place, need, company and situation.

Regardless of whether you are dressing for an interview or to go to work, remember that appearances do matter. Potential and current employers may think less of you if you don’t dress appropriately. It is always important to make the best impression whether looking for work or hoping for a promotion.


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40 Replies to “Professional Dressing Skills – Campus To Corporate”

  1. Thank u so much for this blog.
    Today was my first to corporate..

    I request you to write Etiquettes of virtual meetings 🙂

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Having done a course in soft skills I do understand that it is an often ignored component when it comes to preparation for any kind of job… Even when it comes to life itself. So glad you decided to do this series.


  3. An in-depth post and I am sure it would be extremely useful to those making a transition to corporate life. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree, dressing plays a very big role. Our credentials comes second, first is our first appearance. If we are able to create a pleasing impression then I would say we have won half the battle.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. For those budding graduates and entry level employees looking to ace their office attire and persona, this is what they must read. Too good.

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  6. Oh i miss dressing up for work though it’s been like 9 years since I left the corporate world back in the Gulf. These are the right tips for someone new.

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  7. You are coming with a very helpful check list of how to being presentable in interviews. Dressing are the first thing that creates first image in the mind of interviewer, words comes later!


  8. People often undermine the importance of proper attire. I’m corporate world first impressions matter a lot and good formal wear definitely helps in that.


  9. Thats yet another brilliant post by you Swati. Professional dressing is what we get confused about and you blog post shall help many to refresh their wardrobe according the level of professionalism they wish to showcase. Liked the 4 types of dressing standards internationally.

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  10. I completely believe that the first impression is the best and ever lasting impression. So, it is imperative that we dress up professionally when we go for an interview or at work. Sharing these with my sister. She works in a corporate and these pointers are so helpful.

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  11. This is quite an interesting & informative post about professional dressing. I wasn’t aware of many points, thanks for writing this.


  12. Totally agree with you on the importance of soft skills. Unfortunately very little is taught in our curriculums.
    And also, very interesting hierarchy of levels of dressing. Quite an eye opener. Would like to know how and where would you fit in the Indian attire?


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