10 ways to Boost Confidence at a Job Interview- Campus To Corporate

The one thing that held people pursuing their dream is fear of failure and to overcome that, one needs to have self-confidence. If we do anything with the mindset of having nothing to lose than no uncertainties can ever stop us achieving what we ever dream of.

Being interviewed for a job can make you nervous, sacred and doubtful about your own abilities. And to add to these feelings you need to come across as cool, clam and confident during the interview. The question is How to build self-confidence? Do you believe in yourself? If the answer is yes than why to worry, but if the answer is No , than why to worry, as I have the list of ways that can help you overcome this fear and make you a confident interviewee.

  1. Positive Affirmation/Positive self-talk – “Yes I can Do It”, “I am the best”,” I know it all” – are some such self-talks that can not only boost your confidence but can make you feel good about yourself and everything around you. You are what you do, and so if you change what you do, you change what you are. Act in a positive way, take action instead of just telling yourself. Imagine yourself succeeding. Put energy into every action, you will soon start to notice a difference.
  2. Be Grateful-Studies have shown that gratitude reduces social comparisons. Learn to appreciate your own and other’s accomplishments. All of us have the ability and opportunity to develop gratitude. Instead of complaining of what you do not have , take a moment and thank for what you have. Developing the attitude for gratitude will lead to greater satisfaction what one have in their lives which is turn will help you to become more confident.
  3. Dress Well and be well Groomed-Dressing well and looking good not only increases your performance but heightens others’ impression of you. Wearing clothes that makes you feel intelligent and important can change the way you interact with others as well as your intellectual functioning. The way we feel , the way we behave and the way other people respond to us depends upon our appearance. So take advantage of this and dress for success. When you wear an outfit that associate with intelligence and power, you are likely to do better than when wearing clothing that you associate with sloppiness or low-skilled work. So if you want increase your confidence wear clothes that are attractive, appropriate, authentic and affordable.
  4. Surround yourself with Positive people-There is a famous saying- “You are known by the company you keep”. You have no control over what people think and feel about you but you will always be judged by the people you are surrounded with. Therefore surround yourself with people who know your worth and that is possible only if your know your own worth. Identify people who can help you in achieving your goals and becomes your accountable partners.
  5. Know yourself and love yourself-Self-awareness is the key to become more aware about your own strengths and weaknesses and once you become aware the first step is to capitalize your strengths and work on your weaknesses. On the other hand positive self-image and body image are the most vital component of becoming a confident human being. People’s self-image is normally based on the compliments and criticism received from others. To increase your confidence one should  accept and love who you are.
  6. Focus on solutions rather than problems– Be positive-Focusing on solutions revitalize your mind and helps you to think more clearly. It also helps you to be more focused and view failure not as a disaster but as a stepping stone which takes you closer to your goals. Problems are only their in our lives to show us the path to reach our ultimate destination. So try to be positive and remember problems and adversity are only present in our lives to help us, not hurt us. Never loose sight of this truth.
  7. Be kind and generous-Always be a givers and not takers. The more you give the more you become self-reliant. Generosity is both natural confidence builder and a natural repellent of self-hatred. When we focus more on what we are giving we shift our focus from ourselves and become a contributor, this is turn not only boost your confidence but makes you feel content.
  8. Use power posesPower poses makes you feel confident in different situations. For example before an interview plant your feet widely and stretch your arms overhead in a V shape as if you are soaking  in the applause after a great performance. Leaning forward while standing shows you are engaged and in a position of dominance. Apply breathing techniques to feel more relaxed. Whenever you are in doubt apply these techniques as it can make you feel better and in the position of power.
  9. Be Healthy-Physical and mental  fitness and developing a healthy relationship with food can really help improve confidence. Having a balanced  diet improves your immune system. So try inculcate mood boosting diet in your daily routine. Physical fitness and good mental stability will boost your confidence. Looking and feeling fit makes you feel confident as it will not only make feel positive about your body image but also self-image.
  10. Know your Goals-Know what you want to achieve in life. Once you have clarity of what you aim in your life it becomes easier for you to know how to get it. Firstly write it down to make yourself accountable, identify people who will help you in achieving them and then break them to make them attainable, take action and evaluate on regular intervals. This process will help you in boosting your confidence and its uncertainly which causes panic and stress and knowing you goals will keep you far away from them.

Last but not the least PRACTICE PRACTICE and more PRACTICE, can make you feel more confident. And this can be done if you ace your interview Skills. Read more about this here.

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29 Replies to “10 ways to Boost Confidence at a Job Interview- Campus To Corporate”

  1. These tips are sure to come in handy for aspiring interviewees. Would you have any tips to offer specifically in today’s age when interviews are mostly happening online, over video calls and audio calls? I reckon there are some nuances to these interviews that need to be tacked slightly differently.

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  2. wow these are some amazing tips for an awesome interview. i remember being quite nervous at my interviews initially. Thanks for this. will forward it.


  3. Awesome post. Interviews somehow never scared me. I used to tell myself that things that I will know, I will answer and those I don’t know do I have any option than to tell it honestly. And I never had to regret my thoughts. This always gave me confidence before facing any interview.

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  4. All these pointers are going to help a lot of everyone who is going to face the interview. I agree that if you know your goal and have a positive attitude 50% of things will go in favor!!


  5. I remember being anxious about my first interview and my seniors bailed me out. They gave similar tips and tricks to ace. Needless to say, I cracked right from the first one. Even today these tips do work and need to be shared with freshers.


  6. Aah! We all can relate to the fluttering sensation and the nervous anticipation during job interviews in the early years of our career. These are great pointers for freshers. I am all for positive thoughts, as our thoughts shape our attitudes beliefs and behaviors!!


  7. Wow great list swati and I believe these pointers are not only helps in performing well in interviews but will help in all other aspects of life too. Having a sense of gratitude is really important. Gratitude brings happiness and satisfaction and also keep us mentally healthy.


  8. Great tips shared by you Swati, Counting all the possible results of any exam really helps in calming the mind. And rest is all about Practice practice and practice!!!


  9. COVID times have brought in so many challenges and the overall job scene especially for new comers is really dismal. I am so glad you wrote this post, it will be extremely useful for those who are starting their careers after college.


  10. A wonderful and very insightful post to share with the audience how to up the morale when going to face the first interview. It will always be jittery however, such tips can ease the pressure a little bit.


  11. well this is quite a relevant post for all new job aspirants. Definitely dressing up right and positive affirmations to self are the biggest confidence boosters


  12. That’s very helpful approach in building confidence and cracking the job interview. Bookmarking this post for future.


  13. Very well written post. I think to be yourself and don’t try to manipulate things is the biggest helping factor to enhance your confidence. If you feel confident about your personality you will definitely do well.


  14. These are some pretty amazing pointers for an interviewee. Confidence in self is one of the most important aspects that an employee looks for. And being confident about yourself without being tacky surely helps make a good impression


  15. My brother has just completed his graduation and would be appearing for his interviews soon, I am pretty sure that this is going to be really helpful for him.:) It is a really well-written post.


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