10 Valuable Online Interview Tips To help You Succeed – Campus To Corporate

Amidst Convid -19 though some companies have freeze their hiring process due to which unemployment are at its peak but the good news is few companies have actually accelerated their hiring process and one of the reason is that recruiters are finding it easy to reach out to prospective candidates as most of them are working from home and free from meeting and travelling. But the catch is most of them are going online. Due to technological development virtual interviews are becoming much more convenient and companies do get cost advantage while conducting interviews online. As more and more companies are moving to online job interviews are you prepared to nail one? 

For freshers online interview can be little challenging as they are not just new to the corporate world but also new to virtual world in terms of profession.  The fact is 75% of executive use real video to interview leading candidates. In my previous post I have given tips to ace your interview skills, those are also applicable for online interviews in addition with few more specific tips.

  • Be Authentic : Virtual interviews can be very daunting as candidates are new to this platform there are no prescribes guideline to show what to do and how to behave. Do not try and copy anyone just be yourself and positive affirmation can help you overcome the stress.
  • Hands on with Technology  : Get acquainted  with the technology and make sure to have uninterrupted connectivity. Before an interview try and do test call and get familiar with the software to be used. Have high speed internet connection with some good quality headphones. Any technical glitches can make you feel nervous and at the same time might create negative impression about you. Always use professional screen name as it gives good impression and makes it easy for the interviewer to recognize you.
  • Be focused and no distraction : Online training can have lots of glitches, so make sure you have 100% focus with 0% distraction. Keep your phone on silent more, make sure you do not have any external noises, make sure the only window which is open is on your computer screen. The last thing you want to lose is your train of thoughts.
  • Set the Scene: Find a natural background and avoid cluttered place as it will not only distract the interviewer but will make it look unprofessional too. Make sure you have adequate lighting preferably natural. Taking care of the position will give an impression that you are serious about the interview and the job.
  • Be prepared : In addition to preparing answers to some of  the possible interview questions make sure you prepare few questions of your own. This will help you get an additional information about the company that can help in the next stage of an interview. Try to do lot of role play and mock interviews with your friends and family members to give hands on experience .
  • Look your professional best : Though you are not meeting your interviewer in person , it is still important to dress professionally as it will help boost your confidence. Dress one notch higher what the company’s typical attire is. Read more on professional dressing here.   
  • Impeccable Body Language: Personal interview is the most critical as recruiter has to determine whether candidate is fit for the organization or not and this can be even more challenging during virtual interview because there is a complete physical disconnect. It becomes difficult for the recruiter to understand the energy level through the screen, so candidate should be more expressive , should have good eye contact and take care of his/her body language when answering the question. It is difficult to read body language through a video so be aware about your nonverbal cues for example smile, sit erect and nod throughout the interview as this make give an impression that your are interested and relaxed.
  • Written pointers: Having written notes on critical matters to be discussed should be a good idea but do not overuse them. This is one of the advantage you can get on an online interviews.
  • Make a connection : Having good eye contact and sharing personal experience can help you make positive connection with the interviewer which is otherwise difficult in online interview due to physical boundaries.
  • Follow up : Follow up can be initiated with simple “Thank You” note. Generally recruitment process is lengthy includes several rounds of interview, so one needs to be patient but that does not mean that you should not follow up and express your interest in the job. If the interviewer provides you with hiring decision date, do not reach out prior to that date, but if the dates comes and goes, you have all the rights to follow up.

These tips can also be applicable to online meetings as well as online training sessions. If you are not very comfortable with technology or how you sound and look on camera, the best you can do is PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE. You will not only get better with online technology but with interviewing skills too.

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50 Replies to “10 Valuable Online Interview Tips To help You Succeed – Campus To Corporate”

  1. Awesome post and so much needed at this point.Online interview can be an ease but for the newbies and even for some experienced professionals , its different. Your pointers are so well thought.

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  2. To face an online interview is something we are seeing more frequently.The tips are very sound and practical but I also want to add , one should pay attention to the background when appearing for an interview !

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  3. This is a brilliant post since online interviews are going to be popular and common practice in future. Freshers as well as experienced professionals can benefit from knowing these dos and don’ts.


  4. These are brilliant tips and will be helpful for both new & experienced candidates to prepare them well for an online interview/interaction.


  5. I agree virtual interviews are more challenging and you need to prepare accordingly. I completely a firm believer of your last statement practice and practice. Practice is the thing that makes your perfect and help in building a great level of confidence.


  6. I remember my first skype interview. It had been daunting because the video had been off so I had no visual cues to know if I was doing well or not. I think the one thing I learnt from that interview had been to have a good answer to the question: tell us about yourself!


  7. For a person who was terrible at job interviews ( the few I gave that is, ), this post is an eye-opener! Wish I had known some of this years ago!!

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  8. Creating a perfect environment in the house for online interview is a must and with the change in times this is the future how interviews will be conducted. This post is surely helpful to all the professional taking up online interview.

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  9. Excellent pointers and tips for that all-important interview.
    One has to only adapt to changes and this pandemic has brought in the biggest change – online presence everywhere.
    You have given the points neatly and in simple language.
    Good post.


  10. That is such a helpful post for the students and even working professionals who are seeking a job change. And with the current situation, online interviews are of more prominence and it’s good to be prepared for them.


  11. Very helpful tips. Not just for students but also for working professionals. What a face-to-face interview does, telephonic or online interviews can never achieve. But, these are hard times. It’s a specially hard time for students looking for jobs. Your blog is a read-guide. Will share with my nephew. He has been feeling a little dejected and finds following-up an ordeal


  12. This made me have a flashback to my final years where we had a lot of trainers come in and say most of these points to us. This post is really helpful for any graduate. Well compiled and put together. Thank you for sharing. I am sure that it will be helpful to many!

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  13. This is a wonderful post for helping youngsters with virtual interviews. Going ahead, virtual interviews are going to be the way to land a job. So these tips are definitely useful and won’t get obsolete too.

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  14. I can’t appreciate you more for the kind of really crucial tips you laid down perfectly for virtual interviews, Swati.

    This will be useful for a lot of people out there.

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  15. Great tips, I agree about the importance of being prepared for interviews that will help one exude confidence. I also write career tips content, and one similar to this so it was a great read!


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