Importance of Layering in Clothing

Layering is the key to make all season clothes work for you. It leads to style, individuality, versatility,  insulating effect and exciting interest in a wardrobe. Layering allows for creative dressing at its best.

Apart from comfort, layering can offer much more than that. There are number of benefits which layering can suggest, lets discuss all of them.

Temperature Control

To add warmth during winter season one can layer several pieces of clothing. Air trapped between layers of fabric and heated by the body increases the insulating effect of the clothes. If the temperature rises one can always remove a layer to feel better. Natural clothing fabric absorb body moisture, allowing it to evaporate. It is therefore better to wear natural fiber garments next to your skin for the most efficient effect.

Save Money

Layering allows you to extend your clothing wear by using your summer clothes into fall by layering the pieces. You can reduce your buying if you will learn the art of layering. For example wearing sleeveless blouses which one usually wear in summers with a jacket or a sweater in winters can help in saving money.

Maintain Modesty

Without calling for undue attention or without distracting attention to the body, one will likely to feel more relaxed and less self-conscious and better able to get on with life comfortably. This can be done by simply adding another layer of clothing over or under.

Dress Slim Effect

An additional layer of clothing can camouflage body bulges or figure variations you don’t want people to notice. While wearing a third layer whether it’s a jacket or a sweater , if worn open from front, it draws attention into the center front of the body giving slimming effect.

Visual Authority and Safety

As individual wearing a third layer jacket, vest, sweater ,duster or tunic will have greater visual authority. He or she will catch attention first, hold attention longer and remain more memorable in the mind of the viewer. This is because layering expands body image boundaries slightly, causing you to appear slightly larger and more important. Therefore layering is ideal for leadership and professional occasion and for situations like job interview, presentations or meetings. It also act as a psychological protector, as when you are holding an authority you are more confident and sure about yourself.

Personal Style

Layering gives you an opportunity to bring more creativity in your clothing. It allows you to express yourself as you introduce different lines, shapes, patterns and fabric to an outfit. By experimenting the use of third layering one can select their favorite pieces of clothing and certain ways to wear them that are uniquely you. And this way you can create your own personal style.

Layering with success

If you want to be successful while layering one need to remember that your layering of clothes should complement each other. While doing this one need to keep in mind that each clothing layer to the outside must be cut slightly larger to fit easily one the layer beneath and each clothing layer to be outside needs to be visually or actually heavier than the layer underneath.

Layered looks to avoid

Not every fashion look featured in magazine or on television is flattering, so before adopting ,one should remember certain points. Do not wear something which is too distracting and confusing. There can be only one dominant focal point which attracts the looker. Avoid teaming too casual clothing with anything formal.


22 Replies to “Importance of Layering in Clothing”

  1. I had learnt the concept of layering properly after moving to USA. Here during winter it is mandatory to wear clothes in layering pattern to protect yourself from harsh winter. Loved all the points narrated by you. With this post I had learnt another and stylish side of layering. Will keep all your points in mind. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Layering is tricky and one must maintain a balance between looking like a hanger and dolling up perfectly. Your tips are quite good. And yes, one can recycle clothes so easily!


  3. In fact , I would consciously avoid layering in winters as I thought the layers would feel bulky and make my short frame look boxy, but now I thin clever layering can keep you snug and make you look thinner .


  4. In fact , I would consciously avoid layering in winters as I thought the layers would feel bulky and make my short frame look boxy, but now I thin clever layering can keep you snug and make you look thinner .


  5. I was not aware of the concept of layering clothes but now I am understanding its concept. Your pointers are also helpful in this case.


  6. Layering when done thoughtfully can add a new dimension to our looks. I also use my summer tops during winters. I have always liked full high neck tops with sleeve less jackets.

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  7. In a tropical country like ours specially in summer layering is the last thing on my mind! But I live in Bangalore where its mostly cloudy and cool, so a shrug is what I layer with at max. Layering in winters is a cool thing to do. I wish I was in a place which was cold always because I love layering with jackets and overcoats!

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