Elements of Image which creates First Impression

Elements of First Impression

“You never get a second chance to make a great First Impression”- Will Rogers.

So why not make some extra effort to make your first Impression work’s in your favor. The four elements of first Impression which helps in creating positive image are Clothing, Grooming, Body Language including Etiquette and Vocal Communication. When you use them judiciously, they help you project the right image and thereby create powerful First Impression. Since First Impressions are formed during the first few seconds of meeting the stranger, they are largely formed on the basis of visual cues. Over 80% of the message you covey is visual in nature therefore visual cues form the critical Elements of First Impression.

The elements that hit the stranger in front of you first are clothing and Grooming. The next element to seep in is your Body Language and Etiquette. Last is the Vocal Communication by which you are judged. Yet, they work in tandem when creating First Impression.

Remember, First Impression aren’t about creating inaccurate impression that are not true to the Inner You, but of keeping away wrong impressions that fail to reflect the Inner You accurately.

How will you know out of these four elements which require greater focus and how can you implement them? Well as I already mentioned about three important factors that influences First Impression i.e You, The Stranger and The Situation, plays a vital role here. More importantly, none of the individual pieces of these Elements live in a world of their own. They are interlinked and all linked to the Inner You, your Inner Life. It goes without saying that a little knowledge is your worst enemy. In such a case ignorance is better than implementing a few and letting the others lie as they are. It is the artist in you who would know how to implement the four elements, not only to create positive First Impression, but also to make sure you don’t send out conflicting signals.

While the ground rules and the technique come from the science, skill in creating powerful First Impression is the Art. Art is about taking what Science has on offer and putting it to use in differing situations. When you use a combination of the artist and the scientist, you will end up creating unique First Impression that turn out to be Lasting Impression. They will not be the replica of all the impressions that others are creating around you.

Take care of the Elements and implement what is right for the Inner You and the Outer situation. You shall automatically project a unique you.


27 Replies to “Elements of Image which creates First Impression”

  1. First impression is always the special one. Its the hit or miss situation. But by keeping few basic things, we can leave and everlasting impression on people we meet. I have recorded a podcast episode on this topic.

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  2. Great tips Swati and I agree making a good first impression depends on multiple factors. And we have to keep all in mind. From dressing sense to body language and communication skills everything had their own importance.

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  3. Well said, you only get one shot to make a first impression, so it better be good. Grooming, social ettiquette along with communication skills (not what you speak, but how you speak) are important impression makers 🙂

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  4. I love the last line. We can project a unique you… and not a perfect you because everyone has their own uniqueness and striving to be like someone else only increases our stress.

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  5. That’s very helpful guide about true meaning of first impressions. Never know that first impressions is to keeping away wrong impressions.

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  6. Thanks for this informative article. These 4 essentials for a better first impression of any person I feel is very important. Especially the verbal and non-verbal communication.

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  7. You are so right, we never get a second chance to make the first impression so we have to be very careful about our image. Also, how apt is this, ‘first Impression aren’t about creating inaccurate impression that are not true to the Inner You, but of keeping away wrong impressions that fail to reflect the Inner You accurately.’ very well explained.

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  8. First impressions have a lasting effect and it would serve us well to try and make a good one. I agree that well-groomed and dressed people tend to attract attention. That said, I would lay emphasis more on how they speak and their body language.

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  9. First impression makes a lot of difference. And all the elements you mentioned may look superficial but are important. Clothes, body language, etc define your personality, your taste and thinking.

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  10. completely agree with you on this Swati, the first impression is very important. they are often everlasting so it is important to make a good first impression.


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