Wardrobe Evaluation – Better way of managing clothes

When you open your closet and see it filled with clothes, yet feel you have nothing to wear, it’s likely the clothes don’t work for your life style, your personal style, or work together in ways that reflect you the way you want to be seen. The typical tendency is to go out and buy more”stuff”- to buy into the latest “must have” list. The opposite tendency is to stop buying anything, assuming that what you want is not available or cost too much. In either case, seize the moment and overcome the fear of fashion. Look at yourself and your clothes in the light of an objective wardrobe evaluation.

Benefits of Wardrobe Evaluation

Wardrobe Evaluation defines your likes and dislikes, defines your personal style. It helps you in knowing what you need to add or discard from the wardrobe. It helps you make better use of the clothing you already own. It aids in saving your time and energy in shopping, sorting,dressing,cleaning,pressing,repairing and replacing. It will also helps you create and maintain an attractive,healthy self-image, knowing that your clothes enhances your appearance. Think of the functions of wardrobe evaluation as rewards. Experiencing any of these rewards makes the time and effort worthwhile.

Clothes Sorting / Grouping

  1. Clothes you love or like and wear often go in the first groups.
  2. Clothes you don’t particularly like and may dislike, but must wear anyways because they are what you have, make up the second group
  3. Clothes you never wear, regardless of whether you like them or not, belong in the third group.

Discard What doesn’t Work

  • Clothes too small or too short
  • Clothes that are uncomfortable
  • Clothes too large or too long
  • Clothes that duplicate
  • Clothes you have no place to wear
  • Clothes obviously out of date
  • Clothes worn out
  • Clothes that no longer for your image

Tips for making your clothes work for you

Scare crowing, a process to test harmony on an outfit. It’s way to discover new combination that works as outfits. You simply lay the clothes out on the bed or carpet as they would be worn on your body, complete with accessories. If you get into this activity, you’re sure to discover new combinations.

Cluster your own clothing, you will likely see that certain pieces of clothes in harmonious colours and styles work together particularly well to form outfits, and these form a group coordination. These are your clusters. Once in a while, you may find yourself attracted to a piece of clothing or an outfit quite unlike any cluster of clothes you regularly wear. We call them “EGO” pieces, something you chose to wear just once in awhile. It’s often a trend piece you want to try. Hand it as a separate outfit or piece near the cluster it mostly relate to. Time will tell you if it was a good buy or not, something to discard or build on the next time you carry out a wardrobe evaluation.

Mental Image, what you need now is an accurate mental image of what’s in your closet. This mental image will give you direction for planning, shopping and purchasing wisely, for adding new pieces that will continue to work together for you to your advantage. When you have mental image of your wardrobe and shop with that wardrobe accurately in mind, when you see an item that catches your eye, you will know immediately if you need it, will really use it, and if it will fit into and contribute to your existing wardrobe. This puts you in charge, in control.

5 Phases in Wardrobing cycle

1. Inspiration

This is when you get inspired with the ideas for and about your wardrobe. This is where you begin to get excited about the possibilities and potential for your wardrobe and for you. This is where you begin to look forward to a transformational change in your wardrobe and in you.

2. Dedication

This is where you ask questions and pay attention to detail as you make your plan. This is where you become sensitive to your needs and consider all the variables.

3. Accumulation

This is where you take action and go shopping with a purpose to acquire your needs. This is where you get to experience and enjoy the transformation talking place in your wardrobe and in you.

4. Evaluation

This is where you ask more questions and evaluate everything you now have in your wardrobe. This is where you discover what works ,what doesn’t and why? This is where you make your wardrobe as perfect for you can.

5. Elimination

This is where you eliminate what doesn’t work for you. This is where you get the final satisfaction, the joy of job well done.

Consistency, authority, or harmony, between you and your clothes is what you are looking for in Wardrobe Evaluation.


25 Replies to “Wardrobe Evaluation – Better way of managing clothes”

  1. Wow, that’s some evaluation, quite impressive. I have never thought of doing such an evaluation for my wardrobe but I think this will solve a lot of problems. I will try this out.

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  2. I try not to clutter my wardrobe with unnecessary purchases. I am not an impulsive buyer when it comes to clothing. These days websites are loaded with a wide range of clothing and everything looks so catchy. But doing a wardrobe evaluation is very important to maintain it.

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  3. My wardrobe needs a makeover but I cannot spend too much. Im interested in exchanging with anyone whos interested. LEts see, I’m still looking and then covid happened.


  4. Wow this is really innovative and creative process of organizing your wardrobe. I will surely keep your tips in mind when organizing my stuff next time.

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    1. I agree we do feel emotional about few clothes. Both my post are interrelated. So if you understand your emotions than we can manage it well. So being assertive to others helps Dane way being assertive to ourself help us to get rid of emotions which are doing more harm than good. Do detach yourself ..that can help you get rid for such clothes.

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  5. My wordrobe is a complete mess. I don’t wear 50% of cloths .. I need a wordrobe evaluation too. Your tips are helpful.


  6. I have seen your post on Instagram as well as any wardrobe ideas are really great I am going to use them as am organising right now I’m on my bedroom


  7. i think just like everyone else my wardrobe is full but i keep a regular cycle of evaluation every season change so it’s a bit managed. i still have loads to do with it though.
    thanks for the tips

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  8. Much needed post after lockdown when the wardrobes were not stirred for occasions or parties or even office or work. I liked the 5 phases of the wardrobing cycle and sure to follow in my wardrobe evaluation soon.


  9. Hello! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this
    post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this.
    I will forward this write-up to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read.
    Thanks for sharing!


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