Changing the way India Learns

Metamorphosis (Swati Mathur) in association with Burgeon Training Solutions conducted a workshop on “Changing the way India Learns“.

Learning in an ongoing process, once you stop learning you stop growing. But is that enough? What is important is that you should transform yourself from a passive learner to an active learner. We have seen this transformation from different learning theories which starts from Behaviourism theory move on to Cognitivism theory and then to Constructivism theory.

As we all know world is not going to be the same again and if this is going to be our new normal than virtual learning is the reality. Techniques which can make this learning process effective and less frustrated should be analysed and discussed.

This workshops talks about how to make online learning effective,talks about learning theories which can help in understanding how learning occurs, knowing barriers which does not allow learning to be productive and applying various techniques which can help in overcoming these obstacles and aids in achieving desired results.

To know more you can see me on FB live..👇

14 Replies to “Changing the way India Learns”

  1. In new normal, many things have changed. Learning has undergone a major shift. In such circumstances, finding a method that is effective, and helpful for everyone is always welcomed.

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  2. Very useful topic you covered in this post. This is the new normal for all, we all are working from home and kids are also trying to adapt to this new normal. I will surely check FB live.


  3. Online learning or working is the new normal these days and we all are trying our best to adopt this new concept. I missed your fb live .. will check out.


  4. We need this sort of discussion about making online learning more effective in today’s world. It is the only resort of learning today.

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