How Does Natural Environment Impact Our Mental Health #CauseAChatter

“Nature itself is the best physician” – Hippocrates

Mother earth has a healing power, there is something about the quite calm of nature that is contagious, leaving quite calm in the mind. Don’t you feel the same?

Nature provide us with great benefits some are more visible like food, shelter, air, water and some are less visible benefits. Surrounded by nature or just watching a picture or a movie of nature reduces stress , anger , fear and gives a pleasant feeling. Research done in many hospitals, offices, and schools have found that even a simple plant in a room can have a major impact on stress and anxiety.  Exposure to the natural world would help humans live happier, healthier lives. But not everyone is blessed to reap these benefits. Urbanization , decline in human contact with nature and increased screen time, amongst other factors, means that we spend the majority of our time indoors. It has become even more crucial to create opportunities for nature experience. Nature has given us everything in abundance but we human have exploited for our own pleasure and that’s why today we all are facing the heat. A clean and healthy environment is essential for human to feel positive.

Approaches to ensure nature have positive impact on human mind

Ecotherapy : Or green care or nature based interventions. This is a therapeutic approach that includes participating in structured outdoor activities such as gardening, food growing, nature walk and farming conservation work. All these proved to be extremely beneficial for improving mental health of the people. Ecotherapy shows that the environment, without doubt, is part of the foundation of our wellbeing. Experiencing nature has allowed us to rediscover our ties to both people and places , it helps us meet our need for connection and identity, ultimately giving our lives an enhanced sense of meaning. We are not separate from nature, but are an integral part of it.

Forest Therapy : It is yet another approach that contributes to improved emotional and cognitive health. This experience can be through a forest activity program and by experiencing the social and physical conditions of the forest environment and the therapeutic elements of the forest. Visiting or viewing a forest scene has a positive effect on psychological healing and well-being in terms of recovering from stress, improving concentration and productivity, improving the psychological state, particularly for people from urban environments.

Protecting Green spaces: From both climate and biodiversity perspectives, the protection of existing green spaces should be prioritized and evidence suggests these spaces also provide the largest health benefits.

How human have taken nature for granted!

Climate change: Climate change leads to psychological distress and anxiety about the future as it is considered as a global environment threat. It is very disheartening to see earth warming up at a steady pace. The reason for this is the increase in human-caused green house, which has lead to health, ecological and humanitarian crises.

Chemical Substances : As we know humans are exposed to wide range of chemical substances can results in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and other psychiatric and neurological conditions. For this no one else to be blamed but us.

Noise pollution : Noise pollution affects mental health problems like annoyance, poor sleep, cognitive impairment etc. Noise is particularly relevant for children, as they are particularly vulnerable, including in settings such as schools. We human need to be more sensitive towards mother nature. It is like digging our own graveyard.

All the reasons mentioned above are man made and therefore it is our responsibility to preserve nature in all its aspects. E.O Wilson has rightly said “If all mankind has to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed then thousand years ago. If insect were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos”.

Men are considered as the most selfish creatures , but if it is about our own mental health effecting due to this mess , than it is our responsibility not to cause irreversible damage to our nature and regain back its beauty.

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18 Replies to “How Does Natural Environment Impact Our Mental Health #CauseAChatter”

  1. Mother Nature has so much to give. Nature is a true healer. Whether it be a bad day or a bad mood or just a quick dose of energy, nature has it all.

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  2. Yes agree dear we human have done many wrong things that negatively impact our mother nature . but if we put little efforts from our side, it can create major positive impact in long term. this small step can offer long term benefits for our mental health and overall wellbeing .

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  3. Well said, Swati, the mess and the consequences mother earth is facing, indeed due to the irresponsible deed of we humans. No doubt, the time has given us a reality check not to take Mother Earth’s gift for granted. Well penned pointers.

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  4. i totally agree with you . Human have done worst to the environment and now the mother nature has given us opportunity to realize our mistake . nature and mental health are surely connected

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  5. Humankind has infused a lot of stress into life, as everyone is running in a mad rat race. Nature by its very nature is therapeutic. Even a short walk amidst nature can be soothing.

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  6. Nature indeed is one of the best therapies to heal us. I have experienced this first han when I was recovering with COVID, morning hour in the breeze sitting my garden became my favoruite time of the day. I absolutely loved reading this blog.

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  7. Nature Therapy is a powerful way to heal from within, probably that’s the reason our ancestors always believed in growing their own food and having lush plantations around. You have connected these two so well, Swati.

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  8. Nature has strange healing powers and just being in the presence of nature you start to feel that your problems are weaning. That’s why I have a huge garden set up in my balcony. It helps all members in my family to clear their head and feel stronger mentally

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  9. Of course, change in environment causes an adverse effect on our overall persona and not just physical aspect. I love to go to forests for relaxing forest therapy.

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  10. you have chosen the perfect quotes and I felt so deep while reading them. Yes! nature plays a crucial role in maintaining in a good mental health. I myself want to go for the walk in nature n spending sometime there with a good book

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