Skin Care during Pregnancy- How to Look and Feel Good -Series

This is my third post on the series How to look and Feel Good During Pregnancy. As I mentioned in my first post of this series .that during pregnancy there are innumerable hormonal and chemical changes takes place which causes changes in your skin too. Changes like stretch marks , complexion colour change and spider vein, diminishes or disappear after delivery. However , neglecting these changes may infuriate skin problems during pregnancy. Therefore it becomes even more important to take good care and maintain regular care routine of your skin during pregnancy which includes cleansing, thinning, toning and moisturizing. Lets discuss Skin Care process in detail:

Cleansing : Your skin needs special attention while you are pregnant. Cleanse skin once or twice a day. A complete cleansing  removes surface oil, stale oil, perspiration and bacteria that accumulate during the day. A good cleansing agent is gentle, non irritating, easily removed and economical. A pure mild soap is the best cleanser. It is easily rinsed away and inexpensive. Problem result when you use harsh soap, scrub too vigorously, don’y rinse thoroughly or fail to use moisturizing lotion after washing.

Perfume, deodorant, antibacterial agents and medications added to cleanser may cause irritation and allergic reactions. Exotic oils, herbs, fruits and vegetables may also be irritating. These are included for advertising effect and add nothing to the cleansing value of the product.

When cleansing, moisten your face and apply lathered soap or rinsable lotion to your face and neck. Wash with gentle, circular motions. Rinse several time with clear, warm water and pat nearly dry with a soft, clean towel. Come morning, a warm to comfortable hot water wash may be all that’s required to remove away oil accumulated during the night.

Thinning : Thinning stimulates circulation and removes building of dead, dry skin cells that can clog pores and cause skin to appear coarse. During pregnancy skin may change and thinning may be necessary to skin clean and healthy looking. Thinning with an abrasive may be done once a week. Omit this if you have dry or sensitive skin. Effective thinning include a rough washcloth, complexion brush, Loofah body sponge or facial sponge. Thin your skin immediately after a night time cleansing, once or twice a week. Use light or moderate pressure and a circular motion.

Toning : Skin may need toning during pregnancy. It remove traces of soil or cleanser, dry up blemishes, stimulate blood flow to the skin’s surface and soothe and cool the skin. Toning with astringent( higher alcohol content )or freshener (lower alcohol content) can be done once or twice a day, as needed. Basic ingredients in toners are water and alcohol. Added ingredients may be irritating.

Moisturising : Moisturising creams and lotions replace natural surface oils removed in the cleansing process. They seal in body moisture, make Skin feel smooth and provide a film to protect skin from he environment. they also serve as a good foundation for makeup to follow. Water, oil and an emulsifier are basic ingredient in any moisturizer. Use more of a lotion than any other creams. As lotion contain more water and less oil, makes your skin feel lighter and less greasy while creams contains more oil and less water, so they are appropriate for night use. Use a light lotion if you have oily skin and heavy lotion if you have dry skin.

Tips for different skin type

Oily Skin

  • Use pre moistened towelettes for midday cleansing to reduce shine and leave skin feeling fresh.
  • Counteract oiliness with astringent.
  • Apply moisturizer, but avoid oily or blemished areas.
  • Use water-based foundation makeup, or omit it all together

Dry Skin

  • Cleanse dry skin with mild, non-scented soap or rinsable lotion.
  • Avoid rough or abrasive treatment and astringents.
  • Apply moisturizer to still-damp skin.
  • Drink 6-8 glass of water every day.

Combination Skin

  • Requires dry skin care in dry area and oily skin care in oily area

Sensitive Skin

  • Avoid non-essential added ingredients in cosmetics
  • Don’t use abrasive sponges, cleansing grains, masks or astringents.
  • Apply light, non scented moisturizer to still damp skin.
  • Use fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic cosmetics.

Bothersome skin conditions often appear during second trimester. For example under eye circles, which becomes more evident when you are tired, so take rest. Abdominal itching may be aggravated by stress or heavy perspiration, so generously apply lotion or olive oil over the area for relief. Skin discolouration may caused due to elevated estrogen and the presence of human growth hormones during pregnancy, so try and stay more at home, avoid sun or use sunscreen lotion when you are outside. Spider vein ( enlarged capillaries or blood vessels) may appear during pregnancy which can be hereditary. to reduce their occurrence avoid overexposure to wind, sun, cold, heat or rapid temperature change, wear protective lotion before going outside, avoid alcohol and hot spicy foods. Varicose veins may appear too, to lessen or relieve the severity, avoid standing and sitting for too long, wear support stockings to encourage the upward flow of blood, exercise daily to stimulate circulation of blood and avoid extreme temperature. Stretch marks are very common development during pregnancy, to lessen the severity avoid unnecessary weight gain, do not wear tight cloths and apply lubricating lotion.

I sincerely hope these tips can definitely help you to deal with bad skin conditions during pregnancy.

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36 Replies to “Skin Care during Pregnancy- How to Look and Feel Good -Series”

  1. Cannot comment on pregnancy part. Problems you described are very pertinent. It is important that your post is well read by women who planning pregnancy.

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  2. Plenty of useful tips to take care of skin during Pregnancy. texture of skin takes many turns during the different semester. It is always the wisest step to be aware and alert before the negligence creates the worst. Going to share your post with one of my friend who is in her second trimester.

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  3. Your tips are good as pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. But during the nine months of pregnancy, women also go through lots of changes — both, physical or emotional, along with many hormonal changes that can lead to skin problems like frequent breakouts of acne, itchy skin, and pigmentation.


  4. These are great tips and not just for pregnancy. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are THE trifecta for skin care. The tips you included for each skin type are the cherry on top.

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  5. Great post swati. yes during pregnancy, lots of skin troubles occur due to hormonal changes. and skin need extra care. I am glad that you had shared skin care tips for all different kind of skins. will be helpful for pregnant women to take extra care of their skin during pregnancy.

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  6. I found use of creams and light body oils very effective during this phase of life. I recommend everyone to use more as it kept the elasticity of skin intact and easy healing post delivery. My favourite were nivea, coconut and bio oil

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  7. These are some great tips for skin care during pregnancy. I will share this with my sisters. I used coconut oil for my strech marks during my pregnancy days. But I think we just can’t avoid these marks no matter what kind of cream we use.

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  8. As a recent mom, I completely agree with you that skin care is extremely important. Usually, with all the work in hand we women tend to forget taking care of ourselves. I did so for sometime and had a very dry and itchy skin. That’s when I had a conversation with my gynecologist and she had made me realise of the skin care routine when pregnant. Wonderful tips

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