Dressing For Pregnancy – How to Look and Feel Good – Series

This is my second post on the series How to look and Feel Good During Pregnancy. Multiple studies have shown that dressing good adds to confidence. The symbolism behind what you wear has more of an impact on your behaviour and self confidence than clothes themselves. The good news about having a pregnant bump is that you can get away with a lot during pregnancy, such as body-clinging tops (remember for once your body is firm not flabby). Experiment with styles, colours and clothes you’d usually avoid. Dressing the right way during pregnancy will definitely enhance your pregnancy glow.

Allowances for an expanding figure are usually incorporated into ready-to-wear maternity clothing and sew-at-home patterns so you can wear your usual size. Sweat glads and oil glands become more active during pregnancy. They contribute to increased perspiration and may cause chilling or overheating. Select fabrics in weights that maintain comfortable body temperature as they absorb and release body perspiration. On personal note I have seen people buying maternity clothes much before it is actually needed. This makes them feel foolish and disappointed as it might not fit. So my advise to all the newbie momies is – it is wiser to wait for a maternity wardrobe until you really need it.


Direct attention towards your face, away from your tummy. You can not hide your pregnancy and that’s not the intent. But if eyes are focused on your tummy, they won’t be focused on your face! Be creative with collars, necklines and yokes. They frame your face and can enhance simple elegance of any dress. Let the fabric flow over your body , you will appear less bulky. All this can be achieved with attention to each elements of design- line, shape, texture, colour and pattern. Lets discuss this one by one.


Lines define shape of your body and your clothing. You may feel more attractive and comfortable if silhouette of your clothes are more dominant than silhouette of your body. Maternity coats, dresses and tops are generally more attractive and comfortable if closely fitted at the neck, shoulder and upper chest. Dresses and tops ties under the bust are not flattering as they drew attention to the tummy, add visual width and make you look bulky and cumbersome.

Maternity clothes should have enough ease to be comfortable. If they are slightly loose, they will be more comfortable. If there is not enough ease, fabric will be strained and pull into wrinkles, indicating poor fit.

Wear clothes which has straight or slightly curved lines as they balance enlarging abdomen. Avoid round lines as they visually enlarge a full figure. Wear clothes which has vertical lines as it creates illusion of slimness and increased height. Avoid wearing horizontal lines as it creates an illusion of width and decreased height.


Shapes within a garment can emphasize or minimize your abdomen. Curved shapes repeat and emphasize the fullness of your tummy. Angular, straight shapes counter a rounded abdomen. Many divided areas of shape within a garment tend to increase visual width , decrease height and add visual weight. It is best to keep the style of maternity clothes simple. Size of shapes should be in accordance to the figure. Small to medium shape for short women, medium to large shape for tall women.


Texture refers to characteristics of a fabric that determine its suitability for style , occasion and figure type. Texture is important because the same style can appear to be different when made in fabric with different characteristics. Shiny fabrics reflect light and make your figure appear larger. Dull surfaced fabric absorb light, visually decrease size and are more wearable for maternity clothes. Avoid wearing thick, bulky, rough and heavy fabric though they conceal body shape but increase visual size an weight. Wear medium weight fabric as they hold the shape of the garment without revealing yours. Fabrics like crinkled seersucker, crepe, light weight corduroy, flannel and velvet have textural interest. When used in the upper bodice, hey lead the eye up.

Before purchasing a garment, try it on, evaluate how it falls over your figure. During pregnancy you feel warmer due to increased estrogen, increased blood volume and a higher metabolic rate. You may perspire more so avoid synthetics , wool or silk. A blend may be more comfortable.


Colour is the most memorable and stimulating element of design. When choosing maternity clothes consider colour. Try wearing bright colours as they get more attention and boost your spirit. Knowing how colour works is important if you hope to control the effect of colour in clothes. For example if you chose a light bright -pink outfit, you attract attention and appear somewhat larger. If you choose a darker, dull burgundy outfit, you draw less attention to your figure, yet appear warm and vibrant. You can actually control the effect of colour.

Using one colour to your maternity clothes is a good idea as your figure will not be divided into contrasting areas. the eye can travel up and down the outfit without any interruption, creating the illusion of decreased width and increased height. You can emphasize you own individuality and create a more memorable more attractive appearance by wearing colours that repeat some of your personal colours like your hair, eye and lip colour. Do not restrict yourself..if you like particular colour wear it. Making it look right on you depends on how you choose and wear colours to help you look your best.

For example

IF a colour is so orange and doesn’t not complement your complexion, choose a cooler version or pair it with a cooler colour.

IF a colour is so blue, and does not complement you,choose a warmer version or pair it with a warmer colour.

IF a colour is so light, washing you out, choose a darker version or pair it with a darker colour.

IF a colour is so dark, and makes you look pale, choose a lighter version or pair it with lighter colour

IF the colour is too bright, overpowers you, choose a duller colour or pair it with duller colour.

IF a colour is too dull and makes you look faded, choose a brighter version or pair it with a brighter colour.

Remember colour is easily altered by other colours around it.


Pattern is the result of line, shape and colour woven or printed on a fabric. Patterns brings interest and variety in a wardrobe. Plain, solid-coloured fabrics focus more attention on your silhouette. Patterned fabrics can draw attention away from your silhouette and act as a camouflage. People tend to focus more on a print rather than pregnant figure.

Wear clothes with small patterns as small, all over pattern blends into uniform design and makes you look slim than larger scale patterns which increases the size and weight. Patterns with strong vertical direction visually increase height while patterns with strong horizontal direction add width. Larger border designs and circular shapes, such as polka dots and circles add width and fullness and decrease height.

Patterns usually emphasize the part of the body where they are placed and make it appear larger. Used in small amounts, patterns can draw attention towards your face and will not call for an undue attention to parts which makes you look large.

What outfit you wear can make a big impact on how you feel during pregnancy.  Keeping all the tips in mind but remember no matter what style you adopt or clothing you adopt, it is important for you to feel comfortable in your maternity clothing.

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28 Replies to “Dressing For Pregnancy – How to Look and Feel Good – Series”

  1. OMG..I wish I could turn the clock back. I was such a frumpy pregnant girl at 20. I wore shapeless dresses and was asked to cover my tummy with a thick cotton dupatta by my sasuma. You girls are so damn lucky now you flaunt your baby bumps 🙂 in designer dresses.

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  2. Lovely tips. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and the expectant mom looks so beautiful. These days, there are so many pretty dresses and prints and that allows would-be moms to satisfy their fashion and styling cravings.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I did not know that dressing patterns and all these things were important during pregnancy. I mean I just knew that you need to wear loose clothes but all these.. My friend’s wife is pregnant. I will share it with them, it will be helpful for them!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow what a post swati and hats off to you for bringing out all important factors for good dressing during pregnancy in one post. for me, it is always comfort is first and most important thing that I keep in mind while selecting my outfit ( normally or when I was pregnant). your post will help a lot to all pregnant women in keeping their wardrobe updated with pregnancy condition.

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  5. Although cannot comment on pregnancy and dressing part, I am impressed by your logical and scientific way of suggesting how to dress during pregnancy. You must be a professional designer. You changed my way of thinking about how to look different in different conditions .

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  6. This is such an helpful and brilliant post for pregnant women. 10 years back situation was completely different in my case. Pregnancy meant to be hiding your tummy, wearing pyjamas or loose gowns and staying at home. For me pregnancy was like a caged time where I never cared about to make my self happy. Time has changed. Being pregnant doesn’t mean to stay in a cocoon, ceasing yourself to look presentable infact this is the time to explore different things, enjoy and cherish the memories. A way to keep yourself glowing and happy. Loved the post and will share with someone who needs.

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  7. Your post has really good tips. Now pregnancy clothes are also in vogue and being pregnant means you get to flaunt a new style of clothing all together and may women opt to try new styles during pregnancy which is not only comfortable but also makes you look good.

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  8. Looking good and dressing well always uplifts one’s mood. With all changes in the body and mood that comes with a pregnancy, it is very important to dress up well and in comfort. Great tips….some of them can be followed for regular dressing as well & not just during pregnancy.

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  9. I had no one to tell me what to wear or what not to wear. For me, it was all comfort since I was working all the time. But just like you mentioned I found that a lot of curvy style dresses and kurta fit made an amazing outfit for me. I also felt that the texture and fabric of the clothes matter the most.

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  10. These are indeed great styling tips. Being a recent second time mom, I can resonate with your suggestions. I have personally loved floral patterned gowns and for me fabric mattered the most.

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  11. I liked to wear dresses during pregnancy. I have floral pattern dresses that can fit during and after pregnancy. Great dressing tips though. I will share them with my younger sisters.

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  12. Well said ‘dressing good adds to confidence’. firstly I am loving your series. Next, I believe in this line very strongly out of pregnancy or normal days. yes when it comes to pregnancy, wearing the clothes that upheld your confidence equally strong and high, is definitely a tough job. I remember in 2018 when I was pregnant with my second child my friends used to call me a trendsetter for pregnant women because of my maternity wear.

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