16 Resume Tips for Freshers – Campus to Corporate

Resume is a marketing documents which is used to make a favorable impression on the recruiter. This is the first point of contact so make sure that it is impressive and to the point. Building up of Resume should begin as early as possible so that you have enough content to showcase to make perfect first impression. This is where the journey of campus to corporate really begins.

A Resume is a detailed summary of your credentials which greatly assist you in various arenas of your professional life. The sole purpose of your resume is to sell your credentials for the purpose of employment. Your Resume is to get you an interview, not a job! . An Interview call means your resume has made a favorable impression and your qualifications and experience have been found to be appropriate for the assignment. The thought of having to write a resume can be daunting for the most seasoned of players and even more in the current job market, so for fresher who wouldn’t know what to include, what to leave out and what format to followed can be a big dilemma. There are times when Resume is sent through e-mail, that’s when the need to know basics of E-mail Etiquette’s comes into picture. So here are few tips to help freshers in writing a Resume.

  1. Always be clear of the objective for writing the Resume, without an objective , the resume will look unfocused. Objective should be very specific aimed towards particular position in a specific industry. It should include position applied for, functional area and industry wanted. the objective is not about what you desire from the company but about company’s need. Objective should be customize every time candidate apply for a position in different companies.
  2. Project your features and benefits which are your strengths ,as resume is marketing a brand called YOU, therefore it becomes even more important that you use it to your benefit if it is crafted well.
  3. Remember that the resume is to get you an interview and not a job. So don’t go too much into detailing and try to be clear and concise.
  4. Resumes are usually meant to be scanned and not read in detail initially, therefor highlight heads as it makes the information easy on the eye and will make sure that interviewer do not skip something important.
  5. Use action and power words to add life to your resume but try not to use jargons or words which are rarely used.
  6. As far as Educational details are concerned , arrange it in a reverse chronological manner that is the latest qualification on the top. Try to write educational qualification in a tabular format which makes it more readable.
  7. Avoid writing irrelevant data or details which does not add value to your credentials and try to highlight the positives by placing yourself in the readers’ shoes and visualize his or her reaction.
  8. Highlight the skills you have picked up in different fields , which could benefits you to multi-task.
  9. Make sure length of your resume should not exceed 2 pages and use appropriate fonts which is no smaller than size 10.
  10. Showcase what you know and how varied your knowledge base is by mentioning work like volunteer experience, initiatives , on the job training, internship and projects.
  11. Lets the employer know you are keeping up with the trend by mentioning your social media presence. Portrayal of meaningful work/initiatives through web links adds value to your profile.
  12. Do not write RESUME as a heading that is a big NO. The name of your file must have your name with the word resume as it makes it easier for the Interviewer to identify your file.
  13. Run through you resume time and again for to make improvement wording sentence better.
  14. Do a thorough recheck and make sure there are absolutely no errors in your resume. NO Grammatical errors, No Punctuation errors and No spelling mistakes.
  15. Get your Resume reviewed by third person for errors and ask them to ask you questions based on your resume, to ensure that your know your resume in and out.
  16. Do not add photographs and references to the resume until asked.

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39 Replies to “16 Resume Tips for Freshers – Campus to Corporate”

  1. Wow amazing list of pointers for all the people who are starting their job hunt. Resume is the first thing that gives an opportunity to make an impression long before one even speaks to the recruiter. I wish someone was there in my time to make us aware about these wonderful things to keep in mind. Great one.

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  2. Making a good resume is critical in casting a good impression and fitting in the job profile one is applying for. This is an informative post and will definitely help in making a good resume.


  3. Pretty helpful tips Swati. This will be of great help for those aspiring souls who are in the verge of entering the corporate world and use their talent to achieve their goals in the corporate sector. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow just last night we were going through my husband’s CV that gets a lot of comments that he is over qualified. Will ask him to take a look at this for some tips to make his CV look better.


  5. Whether it be a fresher or someone returning to work force, resume is the first thing that catches the attention. And it needs to be written in a proper way. This post is very helpful for everyone.


  6. Great tips Swati and you had covered it all. Indeed resume making need a sort of precision and perfection. You should recheck all details once filling up. This is the thing that helps in creating a strong positive first impression.


  7. Resume is the first thing through which one can impress the person on the other side of the table, so it becomes one’s prime responsibilty to consider all the pointers that can add weightage to his/her resume in the most transparent and clear manner. Ultimate tips shared by you!


  8. Creating resume is a huge task each one has to do it. With these do’s and don’ts in the post Swati you have made life easier for many of us. Showcasing the strength in subtle manner with complete information is the key in resume.


  9. Wow Swati, These are some amazing tips for youngsters who are looking to carve out their niche in the world. Will definitely share the post with my sister who is planning to swtich over her job next year. Amazing points


  10. Great tips here and I can vouch for them. I remember having to go through more than a 100 resumes once for a position. And i remember how tiring it was to go through long, rambling resumes. Your resume needs to be clear and crisp and highlight your strengths.


  11. I remember struggling a lot while creating my first resume, it seemed I had nothing impressive to mention on it. I even added my picture on the resume, thinking it would give a good impression. I wish someone has shared these tips with me then.

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