6 Most Innovative Future Jobs #CampusToCorporateSeries

Embracing Unknown Future will reduce the anxiety. And if I say so I may not be wrong. Tomorrow’s graduates will be entering into the professional unknown as they will be taking up jobs which doesn’t exist now. But there is nothing to fear as it’s rightly said “Change is the only constant thing” and fearing that change will only cause you stress, so if one wants to increase their probability of success, accept the change, be the change and be proactive in the approach.

The fourth Industrial revolution is here and has brought opportunities that unfolds many stages of development. We all are standing at the edge of technological revolutions that will change the way we live, work and relate with one another. The transformation and scale of this revolution will be such that humankind have not experienced it before. As I said we don’t know how it will unfold, but it is surely going to be integrated and comprehensive as there will be fusion of technologies which will fade away the line between physical, digital and biological spheres and wherein public sector, private sectors, academia and civil society all will be part of it.

The 21stcentury has witnessed rapid change and many new jobs are the result of experimentation and complementary rather than replacing existing jobs. Lets see how and what future jobs are going to look like.

Wearable Technology Personalized Therapist

Wearable technology is something that you can wear, be it smart watches, fitness trackers which are mostly personalized. Today people are not just going through physical health issues but emotional health concerns too which has increased the demand for personalized therapist. These therapists will use AI and research to monitor the emotional health of their patients and give personalized therapies. The required skills would be High EQ and SQ, creative thinking , technical aptitude and analytical skills.

Memory Creators

Recreating spaces for people who want to relive beautiful memories of past. Here a creator needs to do historical research and combine it with interior design skills to recreate the space which are the reflection of their favorite time of life. Basically they will develop virtual reality experience to help them to cherish those memories which will bring happiness and love in their lives.

Robot Police

As in real life , technology also comes with lot of ethical problems that emerges with the design, operation or use of robots in real life. For example using drones are still not legal in many countries, so to keep a track of their movements and tasks we require a profession that requires strong analytical and risk assessment skills in order to proactively assess the danger these machines can bring and how to control them by using specific action.

Best Out of Waste Creators

As we know India generates 62 million tonnes of waste each year. About 43 million tonnes (70%) are collected of which about 12 million tonnes are treated and 31 million tonnes are dumped in landfill sites. Now Best out of waste creators will help in creating ways to reuse these waste by helping individual toat individual level. They will be responsible for creating new ideas and sharing it with general public, so that waste can be reused at the source itself and this can help in reduction in the volume of waste generation. This future job would help us to live in a more environment friendly way. The creator should have creative skills, engineering skills and good interpersonal skills so that they not just create innovative ideas but letting those ideas be acceptable by the people too.

Criminal Psychology Tapper

The crime rate in India is increasing year after year. No law or rule could create fear in these criminal minds. These criminal psychology tappers will not just have neurological understanding but emotional and analytical skills which will help them to understand how criminal mind works. Research conducted by Dustin Pardini, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh, 26-year-old men with lower amygdala volumes are three times more likely to be aggressive, violent and to show psychopathic traits than the same age men with normal-sized amygdala, independent of factors including history of violence and social background. With the help of AI and neurological research, criminal psychology tapper will ensure to balance amygdala volume to balance the emotions and this may help in reduction in crime rate.

Farming Big Data Analyst

We know that a farmer is a person who works as an agriculturist and produces a wide variety of food products and to get better yield he also manipulates the environment by using, pesticides, fertilizers, crop rotation etc. Similarly farming big data analyst grows data from computer models and manipulates it , this can help them predict new trends for developing new and innovative products and services, regulate commerce and environment strategies. They do this with the help of simulation model where they work on algorithm and estimate things by assuming variables for their advantage.

As I said earlier, future jobs are going to be an unknown territory, nobody knows how it is going to be but one thing we are sure that technologies like Al, big data, block chain will be integrated with traditional way or working to give absolutely new and innovative working style. So prepare yourself working in diffuse mode of brain where-in you have to think out of the box. Most of these futuristic jobs are going to be fusion of different skills but the foundation will remain techno innovation with Al.

“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way” – Tom Freston

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34 Replies to “6 Most Innovative Future Jobs #CampusToCorporateSeries”

  1. wowwww!!! so many changes in the work front and so many new things that we hadn’t even dreamed of. Who would have known you could get therapy wearing a gadget … amazing!
    Thank you for this enlightening post.

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  2. Yes I actually went into flashback, the kind of jobs our parents use to work and then the switch to the next generation and now again the next switch, whats up next no idea but definitely a technical revolution.

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  3. In my youth it used to be a teacher or nurse at the most doctor for girls. Hearing about these futuristic jobs is good at the same time scary. At least the choices have increased from the Engineer or Doctor streams.

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  4. This is so cool. I aint tech savvy at all and your post reminds me of a Tom Cruise movie where the future world is shown. ‘Criminal Psychology Tapper’, i found this super interesting with alarming increase in crime rate.

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    1. All the terms are so new. These future jobs will change the way of living of mankind. I personally loved the idea of Memory Creators. With he changing times people will lookout to hold on to a happy memory to help them keep going. All the jobs you have listed sound very fascinating.

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  5. This is really interesting. I remember we used to watch Star Trek in the 60s and think the devices were unbelievable. Most of them are a reality today.

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  6. Loved the post, Swati. These all could very well be a reality in the future. We definitely need Best Out of Waste Creators they way the landfills are choking the cities.

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  7. You are right, Change it the only constant thing. We all shall see a huge change in upcoming technological change and might be part of those change and unique professions. I would love to be part of such thing, my first preference would be waste recreation feild.

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  8. Interesting post… These futuristic jobs are both exhilarating and a little scary to learn about! We may as well get used to it because it is the future. Best out of waste intrigues me.

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  9. Preparing the young generation for future jobs can be challenging. But the youth of today will become the leaders of tomorrow.
    I loved the job description of Memory Creators; how cool would this job be, just imagine!

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  10. Yes things are changing at a faster rate and future will be all about the innovation and being creative. all these future jobs sounds so exciting. I loved the most the best out of waste creator. I love recycling and this kind of things sounds appealing to me.

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  11. Virtual reality, AI, and shift in people’s thinking has opened up many doors. It is good to see Best out of waste creators as a career option. We talk a lot about recycling, upscaling but it is mostly done sideline. Seeing this in the main stream is a wonderful change.

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  12. I never knew or even thought such job profiles would ever be possible. It is interesting to see how well technology enabled jobs will probably enhance our lives and productivity.

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