Hair Care and Makeup Tips during Pregnancy – How to Look and Feel Good- Series

Hair Care

Hormones that cause skin changes may also cause changes in your hair during pregnancy. For some women , hair is longer, thicker, softer and shinier and normal hair loss decreases but for some hair becomes oily, dry, dull and brittle. Whether you have problems or a beautiful hair, practice good hair care while you go through the change of pregnancy. A regular routine includes: Brushing, brush in moderation with a good bristle brush preferably natural or nylon. Bristle should be widely spaces which can reduce breaking of hair. Washing, select a clear, mild shampoo with as few additives as possible. Wash your hair with warm water as with cold water hair doesn’t clean well and too hot water removes natural oil and weakens hair. Conditioning, Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your hair dry and dull. Conditioner coat the hair to protect it from excess drying, to reduce tangles and to restore shine and makes it manageable.

Some women experience dry hair during pregnancy while some experience oily hair. So here are some tips to manage them during pregnancy:

Oily Hair

Hair may become oily during pregnancy as hormones stimulates oil glands to produce more oil. In that case you need to remove excess oil by:

Brushing hair daily to distribute oil down hair shafts and refresh your hairstyle. Cover bristle with clean gauze or cheesecloth to absorb oil.

Use shampoo made especially for oily hair and wash hair as often as needed to keep it free of excess oil.

Conditioners are not usually recommended for use. They contain ingredients that coat hair and make it oily soon after washing.

Dry Hair

Many women experience drier hair during pregnancy because of under active oil glands. In that case you need to keep your hair lubricated by:

Use of hot oil treatment once or twice a month if necessary.

Massage your hair gently with light vegetable or olive oil before every wash and wrap your head in a warm, wet towel for some time before washing.

Follow each shampoo with instant conditioner.

During second trimester, you may need a new hairstyle as your figure is fuller and your face may be fuller too. Your hairstyle may no longer be best for your looks, time or energy level. And I bet change can make a wonderful difference in how you look and feel.

A filler figure may be better balanced by a slightly fuller style. But if you are tall and slim, you may be able to wear a short, close cropped style. Look for style that frame your face attractively. If your face is round, height at the top or a high side part helps lengthen a full face. Bangs cut straight across your forehead shorten and widen your face.

Try and have less complicated style that is easy to care for. Your appearance undergoes a great deal of change during pregnancy, a major change in your hairstyle might be difficult to handle. Too short a hair can make your head appear too small in comparison to your larger, fuller figure and too long a hair will be too difficult to manage.


Most women are pleased that they are pregnant and it shows. Their faces reflect and radiate the excitement, happiness and hope they feel. That’s part of the “glow” of pregnancy you often hear about. Even if your energy level is low or your skin is blotchy, makeup can enhance your glow. It is important during pregnancy to maintain your normal routine, including a daily makeup routine. Plan time for yourself each day. The finished effect will give you a lift to last all day long.

Lets begin with the process:

Begin with a clean damp face and apply a light film of lotion to replace natural oils removed during cleansing.

Foundation: Foundation or base is applied first, it evens out skin tones and can change skin colour slightly. It may conceal blemishes and tiny broken blood vessels. Use oil-based one for dry skin and water-based one for dry skin. If skin changes during pregnancy, experiment with different types of foundation to find the one that’s right for you. Remember less is always best and should be no obvious line of colour change.

Eye Shadow: You cannot avoid feeling tired at times during pregnancy, but you can avoid it letting it show. Eye make does wonders to wake up your face. You may have problem with puffiness and circles under your eyes, eye shadow can darken lids and take away a puffy look.

Under eye Concealing cream: You may be tired and have problems with circles under your eyes during pregnancy. Camouflage dark undertones and tiney blood vessels with concealing cream. Choose a colour that is the same as, or slightly darker than your skin colour. This will help dark circle to diminish.

Translucent Powder: This set foundation, even our your complexion and soften your appearance. . It is also natural looking alternative to foundation , if you do not want to put on a lot of makeup, when you feel tired. Select a translucent power in a colour similar to your skin tone.

Make up is like an accessory- use it to add interest, camouflage undesirable skin changes or brighten a dull complexion. It is not uncommon during pregnancy to develop an allergic reaction to makeup. You may need to switch to a hypo-allergenic makeup. Hypo allergenic does not guarantee you won;t have a allergic reaction but it means the manufacturer made every effort to eliminate known allergens from the product.

There are lot of other products which you apply like eye shadow, lipstick etc. but the one I have mentioned here will give your face a lift and make you feel good about yourself.

All these tips can make you look and feel good for sure but nothing can substitute the feeling of positivity and self acceptance. Loving your body image can help you get through the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. Having a life inside you is a serene experience , so embrace each moment with lots of LOVE.

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28 Replies to “Hair Care and Makeup Tips during Pregnancy – How to Look and Feel Good- Series”

  1. Loved the tips. During pregnancy, usually women do not dress up or put make up as they think that there is no need. Who is going to look at them and they have an excuse of not to look good. But I liked what you said, we can enhance the pregnancy glow with little bit of a make up.

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  2. My sister in law who is a gynecologist says if you look good, you will feel good. There are brands that you can use during pregnancy that are safe too. It actually adds to the glow of your pregnancy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All the tips are so good Swati but I specially like your advice for second trimester ( to try a new hair style as weight increases). honestly dear, I had never thought this way. indeed pregnancy is beautiful phase of life and women should enjoy this by using these handy tips to enhance their look and overall personality.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looking after your self and a bit of indulgence is so healthy and works wonders for your mental well being.. I feel if we use makeup it is more to pep us up than dressing up for others. Nothing else like dressing up to feel good, especially with body changes that come with pregnancy.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. During pregnancy most women don’t follow personal care, rather they should.. when you feel good you look good, it radiates on your face.. all the tips shared by you are so helpful. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Self are during pregnancy is even more important. Some woman naturally glow during this time but Most woman have dull face and they feel lethargic all the time. Great tips shared for pregnancy skin and hair care. I think taking all the vitamin supplements during pregnancy is important for overall health.


  7. Plentiful tips and ways to keep ourselves well maintain proves that a woman can slay in any way any form. However, hairs are usually on full flair due to multivitamin intakes during pregnancy. But what I liked the most in your post the various kind of hairdos for different tri semesters. I remember the toughness of handling my dry hair during those days due to heavyweight.


  8. These are superb tips Swati. I really needed some good make up tips when i was pregnant. I would only have Kajal and lipstick always. It was always same look. I could have really used some of eye shadow… i missed it..


  9. There are some dull days when you feel different, Eye make up surely takes you forward when you look at yourself in the mirror. Pregnancy is a unique experience and keeping yourself happy externally can pep up a dull day. Enjoying your series and again saying, I wish I read this when I was expecting.


  10. These are all such wonderful tips Swati. I remember during my first two trimester, I had such a dry hair and hot oil massage worked wonders. Not only did it make my hair better, but also a good night’s sleep too.


  11. During pregnancy, a lady faces a lot of body changes and internal changes that why she needs extra care during pre and post pregnancy. These tips will sure be a great help for pregnant ladies.


  12. During pregnancy mostly we tend to feel lethargic or tired. I agree investing in our looks uplift our moods. In such phase I wasn’t taking care of my hair care too, result-dry , unmanageable hair. But now I am more aware about self care. Your post about haircare and makeup tips are really beneficial.


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