Result Oriented Learning (ROL) – Workshop

I was invited as an expert to to have a session with final year engineering students .I decided to address them on the most crucial topic ” Result Oriented learning”. It is a very important education strategy which every educational institute should adopt while planning their core curriculum in order to choose appropriate pedagogy.

What is ROL?

Result oriented learning is also known as outcome based education. As per Wikipedia, Outcome based education is an “Educational theory that bases each part of an education system around goals(outcome). By the end of educational experience, each student should have achieved the goal. There is no single specified style of teaching or assessment in outcome based education, instead , classes, opportunities and assessments should all help students achieve the specified outcome. The role of faculty adapts into instructor, trainer, facilitator and mentor based on the outcome targeted.”

Growing competition and fast changing technology makes it imperative to align learning with elements like time, skill based and adaptive to achieve the desired result. Therefore result oriented learning becomes vital for meeting the growing and changing corporate requirements to have an access to right knowledge at the right time.

Result oriented learning encourages students to focus more on higher order thinking rather than just acquiring and understanding the concept to gain credit points. While designing the learning process or a plan one needs to define the desired outcome and objective.

ROL is based on certain characteristics such as quantitative and measurable outcome, specific goals, skill based and mixed level of learning which includes formal, social and on the job learning. this style of learning ism ore closer to reality ,as it helps you to understand how one will react and respond in real like situations.

Key benefits of ROL

  • Return on Investment is much higher because of proper training .
  • Improved efficiency which can increase the productivity and have better returns.
  • Greater focus on the challenges, which can improve the effectiveness and efficiency .

Need to follow ROL By Institutions

For Indian Engineering Institutions to get accredited by NBA according to the pacts of the accord, it is compulsory that engineering institutions follow the Outcome Based Education model. So, for an Engineering Institution to be accredited by NBA it should compulsorily follow the OBE or ROL model.

3 Parameters to assess the progress of students

Program Educational Objective which describes the career and professional accomplishment that a program is preparing the student to ahieve.

Program Outcome describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation.

Course outcomes are the measurable parameters which evaluates each students performance for each course that the student undertakes in every semester.

The adoption of ROL at engineering institutions is considered to be a great step forward for higher education in India but the actual success lies in the effective adoption and strict accreditation process to ensure the quality of education is maintained.

@Swati Mathur

40 Replies to “Result Oriented Learning (ROL) – Workshop”

  1. ROL seems kids future.Result oriented learning motivate kids to work hard and stay focused. Today, with so many distractions, it is very easy to get distracted. Hopefully, ROL learning model will benefit students.

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  2. Wow many congratulations dear for inviting as an expert for session in engineering campus. ROL sounds like an excellent approach for increasing productivity and getting excellent end results. Thanks a lot for sharing all insights. For me it was a new concept to learn.

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  3. I have never heard about such a workshop earlier..meets the new age demand…it’s fantastic way of learning for young kids to motivate them to achieve academic excellence

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  4. I learnt about this in the fourth semester of my MBA when a teacher from Michigan University explained what is result oriented learning isn’t this very practical to have one goal and focus on only that goal instead of having clouded ideas

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  5. ROL is for sure a must for every kids future.Result oriented learning actually encourages kids towards hard working and also to remain focused. There are enough elements to distract kids minds now. And I strongly believe that, ROL learning model will emerge as a life saver for the kids and students to be precise.

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  6. Times are changing, but the education system in India needs a major overhaul.ROL should be the foundation for all kinds of education. What we studied was only classroom learning. few schools have changed but not the rest.

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  7. This is a great way to educate with a clear goal in mind and work toward learning and understanding it better to succeed. This is best for our kids. Result-oriented learning inspires children to work hard and stay focused.

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  8. This is something totally unheard of for me. Glad to know that ROL-related institutions must follow this approach that benefits the students. It’s an amazing way of learning process to motivate kids to achieve academic excellence


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