Seven Rainbow rules to increase Emotional Intelligence

How many of us really understand our own emotions? How many of us really know the difference between thinking and feeling? Sometimes when you ask someone “What are you thinking ? and “What are you feeling?” the answer is just the same. It is vital to make people understand the importance of knowing, understanding and managing their emotions.

A person who has high EQ are the once who are more successful in their personal and professional lives. Emotional Intelligence is something which can be developed over a period of time but many a times people do not focus or give importance to.

The ability to recognize our feelings and those of other people, to manage our emotions and actions, and to skillfully interact with those around us are the people who have high Emotional Quotient. People with strengths in EI maintain emotional balance, even amid difficult situations. They understand unspoken emotions and dynamics among individuals or groups. And they cultivate positive relationships personally and professionally, All that makes an effective leader, team member or parent and spouse for that matter. People who lack EI have hard time at work and in their lives. They find difficulty in achieving their goals, lose their temper easily especially under stress. Leader who lack empathy can’t be an effective or a good leader.

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