#BlogchatterA2Z : “G” – Go to guide for Patterns in Clothing (A2Z of Image Management)

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This is my 7th Post for #BlogchatterA2Z. And today I am going to share with you A2Z about patterns in clothing. Technically speaking , pattern is not a separate element of design. Pattern is a combination of several design elements – lines and shapes in colors, arranged in or on textural material. Each element is totally interrelated when you look at the pattern design. Because pattern have their own visual effects and because you can manipulate or change the character of a pattern and its effects, it seems appropriate to treat pattern as a specific element to work with it or make it work for you.

Patterns add interest to plain surface fabric and helps coordinate two or more solid-colored items. They can create a point or area of emphasis and affect the body and mind, the way you think, feel and act. Patterns camouflage and create powerful illusions about the size, shape and weight of the body. They communicate visual meaning, message, or moods.

Remember choice in patterns becomes a visible expression of personal style and individuality.

Pattern can be categorized into two: Classy classic Patterns and Trendy Patterns

Classy Classic Patterns

Plain, solid colors fabrics provide a foundation for your wardrobe and combine easily with other solid colors, but don’t stop there. You can count on classic patterns – in prints, stripes and plaid design on clothing, to add interest and variety needed to enliven what might otherwise becomes a dull wardrobe composed entirely of solid colors.

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