Workshops Conducted For USDC Group #Workshop #Training

Such sessions apprise the students of the current career prospects in different fields of Information, Technology, Research etc.. To groom students for their prospective career, such sessions aim at enhancing the aptitude and reasoning capabilities of the students and familiarizing them with pattern of various placement on regular basis.

I also conduct personality development program to polish and groom the students to the ground of personality, knowledge, sociability, attitude and skills so as to prepare them for the written tests, interviews and other competitive examinations. These sessions actively address the key human resource challenges faced by the world of academia and industry – and thereby help bridge the divide that separates these two islands.

Soft Skill Development Program

The session emphasizes on practical & functional skills for the real life situation in the world outside class room. The objective is to understand the communication and its importance, Voice and accent enhancement-Pronunciation, Language enrichment & speech- Fluency grammar, Vocabulary enhancement, Speech Fluency, Listening skills with pre and post assessments. For Interview Skills we work on the Barriers for Effective Communication like:

  • Basic & Intermediate – English Grammar, Sentence Formation, Spoken English, Fluency, Basics of communication
  • Spoken English, Accent Neutralization, Intonation, Accent Comprehension, Conversation Skills, Advanced Grammar
  • Presentation Skills
  • Study Skills (Note Taking, Organizing, Data, Memory etc)
  • Memory Techniques
  • Team Skills
  • Group Interaction Extempore
  • Developing verbal & non-verbal communication skills
  • Role Plays

In Skill mapping session students are introduced to mapping their skills which is a visual representation of the skills needed to perform well in any given role and comparing that with the existing skills. This comparison will allow to identify the gaps. Skill maps can provide a view of the entire team by showing the contributions and skills of each individual in teams.

Anyone who is interested in these sessions can approach us and we can help you customize these session according to your need.

13 Replies to “Workshops Conducted For USDC Group #Workshop #Training”

  1. You have such a vast variety of topics, Swati. Many youngsters these days need to polish their personalities and am sure they benefit from your sessions.

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  2. You are doing great Swati. I agree that workshops help students a lot to prepare well for future. it is great way to learn required skills. wishing you all the best for all future workshops and sessions.

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  3. Such workshops are really helpful for students who are looking for some guidance to choose the right career and also for enhancing their personality and skills as per their choice of career. I feel such workshops are the need of the hour, very important in today’s time.

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  4. The workshops you are conducting for the students are going to help them in a big way because I think you are taking of all the important aspects of career building and personality development .

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