How Inclusion Can Help In Employee Well-Being? #CauseAChatter

Mental health and diversity and inclusion are closely related. You cannot ignore the effect of racism and racial trauma on mental health at the same time the disparity in access to mental health care across various communities cannot be ignored. The inequality and lack of cultural competency in mental health treatment cannot be ignored. Employees from diverse backgrounds can face lack of representation, unconscious bias, and other stressors that impact their mental health and psychological safety at work. Nothing can be ignored as they all are deep rooted, but we do see a ray of hope.

Today the modern workplace is consists of people of different religion, ages, gender and ethnicity. And one of the reasons for this outcome is economic globalization. Many organizations have realized that diversity at workplace can bring lot of material as well as intangible benefits. However, diversity has their own challenges like discrimination, harassment. disrespect, indifferent attitude and many more which can lead to a nasty consequence. Hiring a diverse workforce is great but this is not enough if people don’t feel wanted and accepted. Diversity is one part of the equation, to balance this equation companies need to work on inclusion.

Therefore, many companies have adopted diversity and inclusion programs. Inclusion in the workplace is extremely important for any organization looking to build a strong sense of connections and belonging and an engaging culture. Inclusive workplace is where all the employees irrespective of their differences and disabilities feel welcomed and valued for their contribution.

Here we need to understand without inclusion, diversity effort will not succeed. Some of the important traits of inclusions are

Every employee should feel that they have a voice and will be heard.

Every employee should feel the sense of ownership. The feeling that you’re a part of an organization that knows and values you. 

Every employee should be given an environment for learning and development which makes them feel that companies care about their growth and aspirations.

Every employee should have access to resources which will aid them in their work.

Every employee should be provided with collaborative environment regardless of their role and department.

Ways to create inclusive culture

Firstly it is important to educate employees and leaders.

Secondly creating an environment for open communication where listening should be given priority.

Third and the most important is embracing employees to their full authentic self. As we all know we are at our best when we are our own authentic selves. Give employee freedom to explore their true potential.

Benefits of inclusive workplace

  • People are more committed towards their work.
  • People are more engaged with their work as they enjoy working.
  • People will have better wellbeing in their lives.
  • Reduction in attrition rate and people will stay with the company for a longer duration.
  • People will be more likely to recommend their company as a best working place.
  • Increase in productivity and sales.
  • Improved participation and decision making.
  • Reduce conflicts and miscommunication.
  • Brings out favorable work cultural and happy and satisfy employees.
  • Leads to increase in self- esteem and self- confidence.
  • Better ideas that leads to inflation of profits.

According to Deloitte’s article on diversity and inclusion, it states, “A growing body of research indicates that diverse and inclusive teams outperform their peers. Companies with inclusive talent practices in hiring, promotion, development, leadership, and team management generate up to 30 percent higher revenue per employee and greater profitability than their competitors. Without a strong culture of inclusion and flexibility, the team-centric model comprising diverse individuals may not perform well.”

Therefore, diversity with inclusiveness leads to positive growth not just for the employee but for the organization. It is time that each and every company should adopt this for the overall growth of our country and for better mental health of our employee.

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29 Replies to “How Inclusion Can Help In Employee Well-Being? #CauseAChatter”

  1. This is such an important aspect of work space but it often remain ignored. I loved the way you have shared great suggestion on this subject. agree, creating an environment for open communication where listening should be given priority, can bring a major positive change in this aspect.

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  2. Diversity is getting a voice in corporate circles. It is wonderful to see that companies are thinking and considering diversity as an important matter to focus on. Loved your points as well.

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  3. This is real. I had seen this happening. Often organizations miss on the point of inclusion. Organizations should work on these facyors for an improved and positive work environment

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  4. Inclusivity should be encouraged at workplaces because it allows every employee to have an equal chance of performing and being recognized. I have seen many organizations that do not promote inclusiveness and ultimately has a very bad work culture.

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  5. I agree with you, we need to treat our employees as a family members. And we do the same at our office, we work as a team member together and never let them feel that they are employees to us.

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  6. Wow this is such an amazing article.. You explained everything pretty brilliantly. I never knew all this but seems some important tips for making workplace a better place.

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  7. Inclusion brings in a sense of belongingness in the employees. I totally agree it supports the well being of employees in the best manner. I loved the benefits you have listed and attrition is one of the key things that sees a dip as people would love to stick to the employer

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  8. I totally agree with you Swati on this. Once we accept a certain fact then we are not distracted by the presence of a particular person or any rule per see. Hence productivity will surely increase.

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  9. Yes Inclusion must be adopted in every work culture to make every employee comfortable. This helps to improve company and employees career growth.

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  10. You did an excellent job by explaining it brilliantly. I totally agree with you, creating an environment for open communication in which listening is prioritized can bring about a significant positive change in this area.

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  11. I agree inclusivity should be there in companies. But it is easier said than done. Like jobs for women after a sabbatical is on papers but HRs are not trained to select them. The gap just grows on and on. But surely if corporates are more open to the idea of inclusion then surely the environment inside company will be more balanced and will lead to company growth.


  12. Inclusion policy will be game-changer if implemented effectively at workplaces. In today’s time, we understand the issues however, the implementation becomes a concern. I really hope that workplaces work in these directions at a faster pace.

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