How to make Online Learning Effective – Workshop

Covid-19 has profoundly change the way India learns. Everybody is going virtual that makes it even more important to understand how to make these online learning more effective.

Apart from different learning techniques this workshop focuses on various tips to make online learning effective. Some of these tips are:

Treat an online class like a “real” class : Have discipline and remember you are paying for these classes. So if you want a real value, you need to show up.

Hold yourself accountable : Set goals and check weekly. Have accountable partners who can keep a check on you and your goals.

Practice time management : Create your own weekly schedule that you follow- designate time for various activities like reading, studying, assignments etc. When working on assignment try time blocking for each task, set timer to keep you accountable.

Create a regular study space and stay organized : Have dedicated space or environment, see which kind of setting boost your productivity and make sure to have a high speed internet connectivity.

Eliminate distraction : Block the website and app which causes interruptions.

Figure out how you learn better : Each individual has different learning styles but there is always one particular style which is more dominant. Try identifying them so that you can improve your learning process. There are number of techniques but if you broadly divide them there are three types of leaning techniques

Visual : People learn better when they see it.

Audio: People learn better when they hear it.

Kinesthetic : People learn better by doing it themselves.

Actively participate : Be part of every discussion and most importantly ask questions.

Leverage your network: Be part of online discussion board, virtual study groups and collaboration with teachers and faculties.

This workshop talks about different barriers which doesn’t allow people to achieve desired results. Though this workshop focused on students but this can be really useful for all those people who are life long learners and wants to know how to improve their learning process.

Planning to come up with a workshop on different techniques to improve Memory which can accelerate the learning process and makes it even more effective.

I have an expertise on these topics begged with an in-depth research by various researchers.


18 Replies to “How to make Online Learning Effective – Workshop”

  1. Wow great theme for webinar. I agree online learning requires some set of adjustment and planning. Your tips are really wonderful, will get students to make their online learning experience more effective.


  2. That’s very helpful tips giving proper approach towards online classes. Agree online classes should be taken as real classes instead of taking it casually


  3. It is difficult to treat online classes like real offline classes on all the aspects but discipline and continuity should be maintained, I totally agree. And try to cover the syllabus as going in the classes otherwise kids would lose the link.


  4. The tips shared by you for making the online learning a serious one are quite practical and easily doable. I am going to follow few of them


  5. Many of my cousins and nephews are taking up online classes in current times and what I have noticed that they often fail to concentrate properly. I would definitely share this post with them to get a proper guide.


  6. Success of online classes vastly depends on the age of kids and the handle teachers have on the whole process. It’s a learning curve and will indeed need loads of effort to flatten.


  7. You are so right, this pandemic has changed the way we learn. Even kindergarten children are attending online classes because learning should not stop. These are some really great tips, would love to attend your next workshop.


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