God’s priceless gift….” A Mother “

I remember those wonderful days 
When you wrapped me tightly in your arms, close to your heart

I remember when you helped me

in every  decision of life because that’s the toughest time,

I remember your tight hugs when I am feeling low

because you have all the love to show

I remember you supporting me 

When whole world seems to be accusing me

I remember you wiping my tears

when I face my deepest fears

I remember when you shout at me

because you wanted best for me

Mom,I wish I have you by my side

I love you and thank you for all you did for me
and hope someday I make you proud for whatever comes to be

I wish you were here, mom I miss you so much

no one knows what I would give for just one touch.

@ Swati

This post was published on Writer’s Ezine

21 Replies to “God’s priceless gift….” A Mother “”

  1. Such a beautiful poem..loved the line “I remember your shout at me because you want best for me…” Indeed the best one.


  2. I remember you supporting me
    When whole world seems to be accusing me

    My favourite lines. Absolutely loved this brilliant piece of writing. A perfect dedication to a mom


  3. Aww that is such a heartfelt poem.. All moms are like this so kind and gentle towards their kids. Love gets a new meaning for them after becoming moms.


  4. Sometimes just few lines written with emotion hits the right chord, I absolutely loved reading this, beautiful poem indeed.


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