#BogchatterA2Z : “F” – Fit and Fashion (A2Z of Image Management)

Hi Everyone,

This is my 6th post for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge . As I have already talked about Body Shape and Different Garment Shapes, now it’s the right time to recommend style lines and shapes for different figure or body type. As I have already mentioned earlier every body is unique and few ideal figures existing. Virtually every figure has some figure variations , variations from that so called ideal figure used as a standard for comparison. It does not matter how many people have a particular figure variation. You need to recognize the variation and know how to dress or alter to camouflage or minimize it.

To determine your general figure type or body build, try the time tested “Blink test”. Dress in form- fitting clothing, in possibly a t-shirt and tights. In this attire your attention will be generally drawn to the largest area of your body shape. Then compare that area to other areas of your body and to the body type description I have mentioned in my previous post here.

Now lets discuss the figure type, their characteristic figure variations and how to cover, camouflage, counter, create the illusion of the ideal figure by selecting appropriate clothing.

Triangular Body Shape : They have narrower shoulders, wider hips, average to smaller bust, narrow back and smaller waist. They have low hip curve, rounded buttocks. Possibly low waist and average to shorter legs.

Fit and Fashion Strategy : They should focus on minimizing lower torso and give more emphasize to upper torso, this will lead the attention upward toward their face. Try filling out shoulder and upper torso with soft fullness and design details. Try wearing smooth, loose fit below the waist.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape : They have Wider shoulders, narrower hips & thighs , average to larger bust, wider back, larger waist , high hip curve, flatter buttocks, slim legs. Possibly high waist, average to longer legs.

Fit and Fashion Strategy : They should focus on minimizing upper torso and give more emphasize on center-front at neckline or anywhere below waist. Lead attention inward at shoulders toward neck. Try filling out area below waist with soft fullness or design detail. Try wearing smooth loose fit above the waist.

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