Six Ways to make Learning Effective

Learning is a process which brings together your personal and environmental experience and influences for acquiring, enriching and modifying one’s knowledge, values, behaviour, skills, attitudes and world views.

As learning in inevitable, you cannot not learn.  We all need to learn and huge part of learning takes place during our academic years. However , nobody formally teaches us how to learn effectively. There are number of techniques which can help us in accelerating learning process.

Pomodoro Technique : Pomodoro technique is one of the Time Management Tools developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down task into intervals, traditionally for 25 mins and then relaxation time of 5mins. After fourth Pomodoro take a long break, continue this until calling it a day. This technique is very effective for people who work under strict deadlines and even otherwise also. It has three important elements

#Focus : 100% attention

#No interruptions : 0% distraction

#Reward : Feel good factor

Recall and Test : Sometimes people have an illusions that they know it all probably they get this feeling by re-reading, highlighting or glancing at the solutions. But the fact remains, they just feel it, but that’s not true. The best way to overcome this is by recalling whatever you have learned or by giving frequent test, to see where you actually stand in your learning process. Two most popular method of recalling are:

Mind-Mapping – This is the most used and tested method of learning. It is a graphical representation of thoughts and ideas. As we know picture speaks more than thousand words, that’s the reason Mind map is made by images, colours and curved lines, as our brain can relate and respond to it more easily and effectively.

Mnemonics – Connect new information with the familiar ones. There are three ways of doing this, Keywords, Peg words and Letters.

Metaphors and Analogies : Another vital technique to enhance your learning is comparing unfamiliar concepts to what you already know. For example William Harvey compared the Heart to a Pump, which paved the way to his discovery that blood circulates.  This helps in giving better and deeper understanding of the concepts.

Interleaving : Learning a concept or finding a solution using different approaches and techniques. For example certain concept of Physics can be used to understand concept in Math or vice versa. This build flexibility and creativity.

Chunking Method: Chunk is a mental leap that unites bits of information together through meaning. The new logical whole makes the chunk easier to remember and to fit the chunk into a larger picture. This helps in logical learning with great effectiveness. For example learning a language bit by bit. Things to remember while chunking are:

#Be focused

#Understand the concept

#Practice till you get perfection

Serendipity : When there are too many concepts and problems need to be learned we feel its impossible. That’s when concept of Serendipity comes into picture which makes learning more easy and less frustrated. Lady luck favours who tries and focus one thing at a time, next thing becomes easier.

Using multiple ways or techniques stimulates the brain, encouraging faster learning.

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25 Replies to “Six Ways to make Learning Effective”

  1. I feel Pomodoro technique is mostly practised but it isnt 100 % effective for me and my son Repeat and recal method, serendipity method and analogies method works most of the times.

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    1. I agree with you ,one need to understand what works for them and use it, as far as Pomodora technique is concerned it is mostly used for something which a person is procrastinating for we say starting problem.

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  2. There are different ways of learning and sometimes we don’t realize which technique we are following. Chunking and Metaphors and analogies used to be my ways.

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  3. I follow the same technique for me and for my kids too. Work for 30 or 40 mins and take a small break of 5 to 10 mins. Other mentioned ways are very useful in making learning effective.


  4. Wow this is something new. I mean I know the concepts in layman terms but never got to read this like this. Good methods mentioned.


  5. This is such an informative post, so many techniques. The only technique i know is to learn and use it with practical examples so that you understand the concept. Metaphor and analogies is what I do I think!

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  6. I have tried the Pomodoro technique even though I get apprehensive sometimes when the clock ticks but the end result is worth it.
    Mind mapping is the best. I used to memorize difficult things using it during my college years.

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  7. This post is really unique 👍 I was not aware about so many techniques you have mentioned here. #MyFriendAlexa #DelhibloggerPreetiReads


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