Four Types of Employee Training Programs #CampusToCorporate

When a company invest in employees training programs, they are actually investing in their own success. We all are living in an era where technology advances are common and to survive in this ever-changing world every employee demands their companies to facilitate them with continuous training programs to keep them abreast with the latest technologies, trends and different industrial processes. Now these training methods are designed not just to enhance employees skills but help in improving their performance and productivity, develop efficiency in their job, and avoid violations of laws and regulations and prepare them for the future.

Benefits of training programs

These ongoing training programs brings out positive culture and environment that facilitates employees in becoming

  • More adaptive: An employee who is more adaptive in nature will never fear a change. They would challenge themselves by being more innovative. Adaptability increases their chances of succeeding, as they will find themself trying out different job.
  • More productive: As every employee will be familiar with their roles and responsibilities it will help them to give their 100% and be more productive and efficient.
  • Improve morale: Employee training sharpens the skills and knowledge of employees, which results in a boost of their morale and adds a sense of job satisfaction as well as security. A satisfied and motivated employee is a great asset for organizational success.
  • Improve retention: Every company want an efficient employee and every employee want an opportunity to grow. A company with a culture of continuous learning and development leads to  higher retention rates. This is why prioritizing training inspires top talent to stick around for a long time.
  • Reduce error: Workplace training makes employees more proficient and reduces the chances of them committing errors on the job. It strengthens the functioning and abilities of the employees.
  • Identifying weaknesses: Employee training program will make organization aware about their weaknesses and allows to strengthen the skills that each employee needs to improve.

Four different types of training programs

Orientation Training

Orientation training program is generally conducted by the HR department of any company to train and make them aware about their roles and company policies. The orientation program benefits both employee and employer as both get to learn about each other which is must for their success.

Onboarding training

Onboarding training helps new employees to speed up their understanding of their responsibilities and organizational culture in becoming productive team members quickly. Onboarding is responsible for truly integrating an employee within an organization. This training includes functional training where in employee has been given overview of the company and their roles and goals.

Compliance Training

This is one of the mandatory training that every organization needs to provide. It educates employees on the laws and regulations applicable to their job function or industry. Some of the examples of compliance trainings are anti-harassment, diversity, cybersecurity and business ethics. Undergoing this training will help in minimizing the risks and provide better and safe workplace environment for employees.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills training is very crucial for every organization as employees trained in soft skills will help organization in maintaining good customer relationships, gaining new clients and building stronger team dynamics. Soft skills training includes communication skills, negotiation skills, conflict management skills, leadership skills, sales and customer service ready and team building. These skills are not only necessary for their individual career growth but for the overall development of the organization.

Things to remember

Identifying and implementing right training program for your organization enables you to create rich learning opportunities that can truly empower your employees to grow with the organization.

Make sure that these training programs are interactive. Interactive training engages each individual and connects them personally and focuses on learner’s engagement which leads to higher productivity and performance.

Every training program should have a purpose and a goal as it puts them in the right direction for creating and setting realistic employee training goals and objectives. Your organization’s training goals should be SMART so that they know what is expected to achieve by the end of a training program. 

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33 Replies to “Four Types of Employee Training Programs #CampusToCorporate”

  1. Training is an essential part of the any employee’s recruitment process. It’s like you are welcoming a new member in a family and letting them understand the functioning of the house. It’s good that companies, these days, enough importance to training part.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yes trainings help a lot in improving employees performances and it is great that nowadays companies provided various type of training to reach that goal. recently I had searched about soft skills camp for my girl and loved all the options that these camps offer.


  3. It is always nice to know that companies are becoming serious about giving the right training to their employees. It is indeed necessary for any organization to make them aware of their functionalities before evaluating their performance.


  4. Training no doubt is an important part as it enhances the skills of a new employee , and keep them abreast of the ever changing technology.


  5. Employee Training is very crucial when it comes to sustaining and growing in a competitive environment. it not only gives a way to learn and grow but also stay bonded with your organisation. it so good that companies now acknowledge the fact and spare good budget for such trainings


  6. Training is something which helps employees to stay updated with the changing systems or technological beneficial for the employer business. Initial training at time of joining is not just enough upgrading it will time to match the industry standards is the responsibility of the employer as that directly impacts their business growth and success.


  7. The type of trainings you’ve mentioned brought back so many memories Swati… I used to be a trainer many many years ago n I loved it! You’ve listed some absolutely essential trainings for new employees👍


  8. Training surely helps a new recruiter to gel with the organisation and understand the know-hows of it. With various training specialising in each sector organisation plays a perfect host for initial days.


  9. We have come a long way from the time a person joined a company and had to learn on the job. Thanks for sharing this. Learnt something new today.


  10. Training is very important for every employee and company to get optimised performance. Your article is bang on right about all the training programs and so in detail. Are you by any chance a HR yourself..😁


  11. Well penned article …As technology advances and workplace strategies evolve, professionals must adapt their knowledge and skills. Training is one of the most effective ways to increase knowledge and skills.


  12. Training plays a very important role in the growth of both the organization and the individual. Apart from the regular job/product related training I feel atleast 2 trainings a year for overall improvement is necessary for all.


  13. Employee training is such a need. Employing doesn’t only mean that you get to pay them and that’s enough. Without the employees, business won’t be able to work so taking care of them is more of helping the company as well. Great points you’ve highlighted!


  14. Training in every organisation is critical and helps the employees to give a better understanding about the processes to follow within the organisation for a smooth functioning.


  15. While all are important, I feel soft skills training is amongst the most crucial ones. Training employees to handle different situations is also a good life lesson.


  16. The hiring procedure for each employee must include training. It resembles welcoming a new member into the fold and explaining how things work around the company. It’s fantastic that businesses now give training enough consideration.

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  17. It is great to know that companies are giving so much importance to training the employees these days. Training programs definitely help an employee’s work progress.

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  18. You have explained really well about all the four trainings so that it can be understood by even a layman. I am saving this so that, if in future I need any referance or any knownto needs any info, This can be used.

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