6 Development Levels……leads to Achievement of Goals

We are born without any preconceived idea about ourselves. As we grow older, we gain experience with ourselves, with our surroundings, and with others. We perceive our bodies and begin to develop ideas about ourselves that impact our lives.

There are six important Development levels, if achieved can lead you to achieve your goals.

Positive Body Image : This is how you perceive your physical self- the mental picture and ideas you have about your body size, shape, strength,coloration,features, and so forth. It begins to develop early in life and evolve over time. Body Image can be negative, positive,accurate or inaccurate. particularly as we form or perceive this image in comparison with others and in relation to cultural fashion ideals of what is considered attractive and what is not. Some steps which can enhance your Body image:

  • Explore your personal body image with its strengths and limitations
  • Confront thinking distortions related to your body
  • Challenge misleading assumptions about body appearance
  • Accept and love who you are
  • Be comfortable with your body
  • Have positive experience and positive affirmations with your body

Positive Self-Image: This is how you perceive the combination of all of your characteristics, your physical self including body image, your psychological or mental self including values, attitudes, personality, talent and abilities, your social self including roles and occasions .It is the mental picture you have craved about your inner self and your outer self that is, how you look and how you behave. It is how you judge yourself as a whole. This can also be positive,negative,accurate or inaccurate, especially as we rely on feedback from others in forming our self image. Some steps to cultivate positive self-image:

  • Define personal realistic and measurable goals
  • Stop comparing yourself with others
  • Remember that you are unique
  • Learn to laugh and smile
  • Remember how far you have come
  • Develop your inner strengths
  • Give positive affirmations

Self-Esteem :This is how you feel about yourself, your feelings and sense of self-worth based on self-image and the amount of esteem others have for you. Social approval and acceptance play a significant role in the development of self-esteem. A positive body-image or self-image , combined with positive response from others, can increase self-esteem.

Self Confidence: This refers to your belief, trust and reliance on yourself- your appearance, skills and abilities you can count on to meet your needs. Here you empower yourself mentally and physically to face any situation with utmost faith. Higher the self esteem, higher the confidence.

Self- Competence: This refers to specific abilities you possess and skills you have mastered. Like body image, self image, self-esteem, self-confidence and self competence can be seen as cyclic because one influences the other. When confident in yourself, you are better able to develop talents, skills and abilities that in turn instill more self confidence. Competencies move you towards self actualization and the accomplishment of you goals.

Self- Actualization: This is based on the root word “actual” and refers to the process of making something actual or real – the process of bringing something into reality. It refers to the use of your resources and abilities in way that maximise your potential to achieve your goals. Self actualization is the top most need in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs,that means “What man can be, He must be”.

Start climbing each step one by one and you will see yourself on the top in no time, But the most important of all is you take initiative in understanding how important it is to work on this ladder in order to achieve your goals in life.

Taking Initiative is a form of Self Improvement – Stephen Covey


23 Replies to “6 Development Levels……leads to Achievement of Goals”

  1. Wow great post dear and you had incorporated all important aspects that helps in achievement of goals. on personal level, I think self confidence and having a positive self image is key that help you a lot in achieving the things that you actually want to achieve in your life.

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  2. Oh, wonderful, this is something really interesting. Thanks for sharing about the development levels and how we can work on improving those levels to achieve our goals.

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  3. well said, these are some great points you have raised. self-actualisation is the key to understand self and accordingly work on to improve and achieve your goals

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  4. You have mentioned some very good pointers. I totally believe in this, positive body image, positive thoughts self-confidence are all important to thrive in life.

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  5. Thank you for this article that have really given me a goal to understand the flaws of my life I have to work on those self-esteem and self-confidence thing

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